A new addition to the Perry Noble Classic Book Club

An alert reader sent me this link to Perry Noble’s enthusiastic review of Seth Godin’s book, Tribes. It is, according to Noble, ONE OF THE FIVE BEST LEADERSHIP BOOKS EVER!!

Noble doesn’t so much review as sample by listing the sections of the book that were especially appealing to him, including these:

  • “People yearn for change, they relish being part of a movement and they talk about things that are remarkable, not boring.”
  • “Leaders make a ruckus.”  (The redneck in me LOVED this quote!!!)
  • “Organizations that destroy the status quo win.”  (DANG!)
  • “Boring ideas don’t spread.  Boring organizations don’t grow.”

If you’re looking for a more substantial review, you can find one or two at Amazon that seem to be more on point than Noble’s (Seem, because I haven’t read it myself).

Let’s create a little conversation between reviewers.

From M. Strong:

Perhaps the most frustrating aspect of this book is Godin’s repeated sincere insistence that what’s important these days is to be stylish and new, not established and stable. I just kept thinking, “isn’t this the attitude that’s gotten us into the economic mess we’re in right now? Throw out what works for something that sounds good?” I couldn’t believe I was reading something so misguided.

Back to Noble:

Seriously, this book is amazing…get it…read it…enough said.

From Professor Mitchell:

Some will be offended by the rants. For example, he takes off rather hard on all religions while being all in favor of faith that you can accomplish whatever you want. There’s no real basis for his position other than generalities about how no religions ever favor any changes.

Perry again, quoting Godin:

“The secret of leadership is simple:  Do what you believe in.  Paint a picture of the future.  Go there.  People will follow.”

At Amazon, Mitchell again:

He feels that leadership is all about passion and communication. But with the wrong ideas, you can be passionate about communicating harmful changes.

One more time from Noble:

One of the things I enjoyed about Catalyst the most this year was Seth Godin’s presentation…for some reason it absolutely astounded me!!!


Ultimately, this is a book that will be enjoyed by those who cannot stop admiring themselves enough. Mr. Godin will encourage them to take actions so they can admire themselves even more. Whatever happened to servant leadership?

Seth Godin fans can’t seem to get enough exhortations and rants directing them to be bigger, bolder, and more assertive than ever before about anything that occurs to them. I suppose I should review these books by comparing them to what New Age gurus suggest rather than serious books about accomplishing useful things.