A note on picking your battles

Over the last three days I’ve posted three entries that have completely surprised me in the tone and quantity of responses.

Today I argued that Perry Noble sounds like a false prophet.

Yesterday I argued that Perry Noble is at times a false teacher.

On Monday I argued that Perry Noble says dumb stuff on Twitter.

On the false prophet stuff, we got a little bit of response from Seth tonight.

On the false teacher stuff, ditto.

On the dumb Twitter stuff, from everybody: How dare you say that!!!

C’mon folks. There are much worse things than being accused of being dumb on Twitter. Although people keep saying they want more theology on this blog (I dunno, but I thought the last two days were pretty serious theological pieces), within two days the Bathroom post has become the third-most viewed post ever on the entire blog.

If you’re serious about defending your man, you need to engage the Simeon and vision posts. When you keep fussing about the Twitter stuff (which was really a non-theological and non-NewSpring throwaway post for a public holiday), the vociferousness of your response contrasts unhelpfully with your silence on the two more recent, and much more serious, arguments.