About Me 33

My name is James Duncan. I live with my family in Anderson, South Carolina, arriving here via New Zealand, Australia, Virginia and Georgia.

I’m a Christian

I came to faith in Christ as a young boy, having the privilege of being born into a family with a long Christian heritage. My grandfather was a missionary in China during the Communist revolution, and my earliest memories of him were as a Baptist pastor in New Zealand. My father was also a pastor and spent his entire lifetime in the ministry.

Although I’m not a pastor myself, I assume that the Berean responsibility of constantly examining teaching in light of Scripture applies to all believers. One of the reasons I write here is to learn more from Scripture myself. I’ve discovered that if you want to learn something, teach it.

My beliefs are most influenced by the Bible, though that statement doesn’t necessarily distinguish me from other believers whose beliefs are radically different from mine. The more useful question is how one interprets and uses Scripture. I think the Westminster Confession is the best available systematic summary of Biblical doctrine, so if you want to know what I believe, that’s as good a handle as any.

I’m a Churchman

I grew up as a pastor’s kid, so I’ve seen ecclesiastical life from the perspective of the pulpit and the pews. I have been Baptist and Pentecostal, and am now Presbyterian. I teach classes at my church on topics like basic doctrine, worship, church history, communication, and Biblical inspiration and inerrancy.

I’m a Blogger

I blog because I enjoy it and I’m interested in the topics that I write about.

I sometimes blog about NewSpring because I live in Anderson and it’s everywhere here.

I’m a Professor

I am an associate professor of communication at Anderson University, though this blog isn’t part of my professional responsibilities and doesn’t necessarily represent the views of the administration, faculty, staff and students there.

I’m a Friend

Because writing demands a more precise, clearer expression than conversation, I express myself on this blog in a more polemical and hard-edged style than in person. In my flesh-and-blood life, I have many friends and students who disagree with what I write here, yet generously offer me their company and friendship. I hope I’m able to be as faithful a friend to them as they are to me.

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  1. Donna Jan 12, 2014 6:49 am

    Mr. Duncan,
    Thank you for your blog. I live near Florence, SC and have recently started listening to New Spring’s sermons online. My son and I attended our first service in Florence last Sunday – we arrived, bibles in hand – ready to praise and worship. I was very surpised that my son and I were the only ones (out of a convention center full of people) that had brought our bibles.

    I’ve just started reading your posts and the subsequent replies by others. Let me just say that I’m going to refill my coffee cup and continue reading.

    Have a blessed week!


    • Donna Donna Jun 23, 2014 7:44 pm

      Greetings! I was looking up Andy Stanley (one of the deacons at my conservative New England Congregational church wants our pastor to preach more like him (!)…saw his tweet controversy re revival happening at his buddy Perry Noble’s church…went there to watch the Father’s Day sermon and check out the music, and ended up at your blog. Truly eye opening…perhaps the lesson is that power should be spread around and not concentrated at the top. Please add me to your blog followers! Blessings, Donna

    • John Adair May 6, 2015 9:40 am


      I have attended NewSpring for over 6 years. I live in Asheville, NC and drive to Greenville, SC for church. I am a volunteer and work closely with the staff at my campus. I was on staff with 3 denominational churches for 15 years prior to NewSpring.

      I am sure that you saw from your visit that NewSpring uses technology and thus attracts a technology engaging culture. They put the scripture on the screen which I really like so that I can have space on my lap to write notes. Also, most of my friends use an app called YouVersion on our phones/Ipads. We encourage people to have this app on their phones because in our day no one leaves home without their phone.

      Rest assured that there were plenty of Bibles in hand at your campus. They just were in digital form and not paper back.

      If you give NewSpring a chance and see the heart of the congregation I believe that you will see Jesus moving in amazing ways. And if you are coming through Greenville I would invite you to attend with my family!


  2. Laura Feb 28, 2014 6:16 pm

    Hello Mr. Duncan.
    As a child, I grew up in a literal hell-hole. Abuse, molestation and suicidal thoughts. After coming to Newspring Church, I met Christ and my life has totally changed. I understand your predicament with Newspring, but everyone makes mistakes. We are called to forgive others, not hold it over their heads and judge them. Jesus is at Newspring and people are being saved. That’s the best thing.
    Thank you for your time.

    • Hannah Aug 31, 2014 9:25 pm

      I don’t believe his motive is to judge, but rather point out the facts and voice his opinion on them (as such is blogging).

    • David Rhee Sep 18, 2014 9:05 am

      To just ask couple of things:
      1) Life Change does not always indicate that it is from Christ… If I got to AA (if I was an alcoholic) and sobered up, that is a life change. Does that indicate that I am a Christian? No… I find a lot of people make experience and personal life change as an indicator that Christ worked in their lives.. Let’s place it on the other side of the conversation.. If you pray to God to make your life full of money (this is prevalent in the Word of Faith heresy) and you experience no life change, does that indicate that God is not listening nor care for you? No…

      Hannah, just a side note.. As Christians, we are to judge (what does discernment, rebuking, and correcting all require? judgment based on the Bible). To me, what Dr. Duncan writes are not opinions.. Those are the facts and reality of what actually happened. Then he goes on to based his judgment and rebuking based on the Bible. Let me give you an example, I see someone stealing $10 dollars. I told them you are stealing and give the money back (judgment). Is that an opinion? At most, you could argue to “give back $10” is an opinion but that is not an opinion but a rebuking to do the right thing after judging on what was done.

      Just because people blogged don’t make what is written to be opinions. Again, the question I place is based on what context and “standard”. That is where most miss the target or the point. Dr. Duncan’s experience with Newspring shows the concerns and issues (to me, heretical issues) that does not personify anything to do with Christ. There is no Law and Gospel and truly the repentance of sin. Honestly, is Church supposed to be some form of entertainment (honestly, sermon revolving around comedy acts?).. It is the confront the Law to people and their sins and Gospel which points to Christ and reconciling with God through repentance and the forgiveness of sin. That is what Christianity is.. Lastly, I trust God to know how worship is to be formulated (which the Bible does clearly show). Could you really see that in Newspring? No… I pray that they repent for Christ is so forgiving..

      • Chris Jan 30, 2015 11:35 am

        I think that life style change is one of the most important things to determine whether one has received salvation or not.
        I have judged that you are not a Christian at all and I can tell from your judgmental attitude.
        Before you react to me look in the mirror and see that you have done the same thing to everyone at New Spring! Hypocrite

        • David Rhee Jan 31, 2015 8:08 pm

          It is funny that you want to make quick statement without the context and then judge based on what you perceived without the facts that is being stated. (If you did, then you would not be posting what you have because it would not make any sense..)

          So you have to ask yourself a simple question.. Does all life change have to pertain to a spiritual or religious matter? If you could tell me that the answer is yes to all, then you could make or continue your logical argument even though it is a flawed argument.. (You asked why is it flawed argument? Because it is contrary to many Biblical passages.)

          Now, the answer is no because as I posted… Having a life change like stop being an alcoholic does not always, necessarily, nor pertain to a religious or spiritual matter/event. Now, I will answer your question… Should people have a life change after being brought from death into life through Christ? The answer is yes in that your life will become more Christ-like but you need make sure your statement of life style change.. Why? Conversion does not always equate a life style change… BUT how do you have a life change? Coming to believe could be a normal progression to many believers (like being raised in a Christian family and encouraged by parents and coming to faith in Christ).. If your statement of life style change is hearing the Truth that is the Gospel.. Meaning that you see yourself as spiritual bankrupt (that you are a sinner and can’t save yourself) and you come to Jesus Christ as your Savior and Lord.. That He is truly God and truly man that.. That He has forgiven you and that the Holy Spirit will change your life.. Then yes.. But not all Christians will have a conversion like Paul….

          So the next question, does what you believe of Christ matter in your salvation? The answer is YES! So again, if you have the wrong theology, you might not be saved. I would state that the magnitude of error will determine it.. BUT if the teaching is contrary to Biblical Truth and foundation, I would state to you with clear conscience that believing in a theology that contradicts what is taught in the Scripture won’t save. (I am not talking minor matters like infant baptism but like major one like the divinity of Christ, humanity of Christ, Trinity, etc.).

          Many Biblical theologians have seen, read, and heard what PN and Newspring has preached and taught.. And most would state that it is not only in error and that it could be down right heretical.. So would that be an issue or not? Do you believe something that is downright contrary to what is written in the Word of God would save people to Christ? If you state yes, then would someone preaching Jesus stated in the Koran save people? See how theology matters (BTW, Jesus in the Koran is not God but a prophet and a man)….

          So calling me that I am not Christian, you have to ask in what sense? On what ground are you arguing to refute these points I have made? If you are so much a Christian, I would think you should state my error than to jump right up to calling me a non-Christian… Again, on what ground? Because you believe life style change matters? Could you prove to me that someone stop being an alcoholic is a Christian because of it every time?

          I think the issue here is that you have the judgmental attitude and did not even discern to check the facts.. I am being harsh because I want to you to discern your beliefs and ask yourself what makes you think you are a Christian? I have asked that many times before God brought this dead body into life… I look in the mirror and have the reassurance that He works in my life because the Holy Spirit continues to teach me through rebuking, correcting, and growing in righteousness and through His Word.. And the Holy Spirit is giving me a clear conscience while I post here.

          As I would ask, do ask you the very same question that you wrote to me.. Even your last statement is a silly statement.. We are all sinners and hence all HYPOCRITES! The question is those who admit to it and the Truth that we called the Gospel and if we truly believe in what is stated in the Bible? BTW, Timothy did not have a great life style change. He came into faith and did not have some life changing experience when he was brought to Christ when comparing to Paul..

          Lastly, Christians are to discern (which is to make a judgment call) but it is based upon Scripture… So again, are you telling me the Bible is wrong?

    • Michaela Jan 24, 2015 5:47 pm

      “Feb 28, 2014 6:16 pm

      “Hello Mr. Duncan.
      As a child, I grew up in a literal hell-hole. Abuse, molestation and suicidal thoughts. After coming to Newspring Church, I met Christ and my life has totally changed. I understand your predicament with Newspring, but everyone makes mistakes. We are called to forgive others, not hold it over their heads and judge them. Jesus is at Newspring and people are being saved. That’s the best thing.
      Thank you for your time.


      Thanks for sharing your story.

      Just a reminder that we aren’t called to forgive spiritually abusive leaders at churches as a trite fix to serious problems. Jesus didn’t. Jesus confronted the religious leaders for their abuses.

      No where in the Scriptures are we to abuse other people, speak vilely (as the ones who have attacked the professor have done), and do all of the other things that have been done to him and his family, many bordering on criminal acts that would get jail or prison time in most states. This is completely un-Christian and is not the fruit of a mature believer.

      Why has that church approved such hideous behavior? After all, they are responsible for it and could stop it. They haven’t. That speaks volumes.

      Some times people don’t have good radar for avoiding spiritually abusive churches because it is so like their family of origin in its dysfunction. Other times even the brightest people, who weren’t abused in their families, also get taken in by spiritually abusive systems.

      There are good books about spiritual abuse such as:
      *Churches That Abuse by Ronald Enroth, available for free now here:

      *Recovering from Churches That Abuse by Ronald Enroth

      *The Subtle Power of Spiritual Abuse by David Johnson and Jeff Van Vonderen (so very good and both of them are pastors);

      *Healing Spiritual Abuse by Ken Blue (a pastor)

      *Toxic Faith by Stephen Arteburn and Jack Felton

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  4. louis hemmings Apr 21, 2014 3:41 am

    hello from Ireland. what great, incisive, surgical critiques of Christian publishing. i trust that this post subject gets published far and wide. i don’t follow many Christian sites. didn’t get any link from CHRISTIANITY TODAY(: i got my link from BUSINESS INSIDER!

  5. Ted May 8, 2014 10:08 pm

    1) I think we have been around NS long enough to share some Spiritual advice. While NS is absolutely caring, friendly, very accommodating and all around beautiful, we have noticed a mind set that many folks seem to have. Many folks speak very highly about NS and it’s leadership. and this is not a bad thing however there can be a danger of people loving the physical church to the point where it becomes the center of delight instead of Gods glory in the person of Jesus. What I am trying to articulate are very subtle distractions that can develop very attractive counterfeit effections even in my own life. I believe it is important to test our effections to make sure they are motivated from a love toward God and His Gospel. It can be quiet easy in the flesh, to find a delight in the band or maybe a preacher who has a great gift in captivating people’s attention. Keeping the attenders attention can be a tricky thing. It is possible to be so emotionally charged by a dynamic preacher, band, movie testimony, song or group that even though we want to worship Jesus , the excitement and delight can be for the very vehicle that performs so well. Something happened to me that might help bring my point out in a clearer way. I had to fly to NJ this week and needed a rental car when I landed. I had two extremely important meetings that I needed to be at. When I got to the rental place one of the only cars left to rent was a sweet new Ford Mustang. Well I never drove a sports car in my life. I mean this thing was beautiful, it was shinny , comfortable and fast! The entertainment system was top notch! Well I got so cought up in the car and the excitement that it took my attention off my destination and I began to wander of corse getting lost and loosing focus on my mission.
    What I am trying to say is, if we take our eyes off the amazement and beauty of Christ, we the church will focus on the next best thing. Dynamic programs and preachers are all vehicles to get us to love and delight in Jesus. It is a very fine line in our hearts, but we must distinguish the counterfeit so as to worship the Truth.
    Staying in tune with culture remaining effective in drawing a big crowd can be tricky. If leaders in our church use many of the secular ” cool ” ways to keep people attending, they will need to keep a secular modern excitement up to the latest cool exciting stuff. Yes , I know pack the pews but the problem I see is people can be attracted to the emotional experience and expect this kind of entertainment like suspense, waiting for the next emotion.
    I think the church should use extreme caution because what can happen is that the leaders in the church can get sucked into performing and stimulating the five senses of the flesh instead of holding out Gods Majesty asking Gods Spirit to cultivate more amazement and delight in Jesus and His Gospel and who God is in His Holiness. There is genuine endless Spiritual joys that Gods Spirit can produce in Peoples hearts. Counterfeit effections can look the same as genuine Holy Spirit produced joy but if looked at closely as time passes counterfeit excitement is contingent upon the flesh and what new and changing options it has to offer. The counterfeit satisfaction is as only as exlent as is what it delights in. Gods glory and perfection Shown on His people does not fade. It does not require anything other than more of the excellent source from which it originates – God Himself the bread of life and spring of living water.
    As the church grows it is very important to hold out to the people the beauty and excellence We have in Jesus Christ. According to Scripture God wants us to search out and study the height and the depth and the width of gospel grace in Christ.

    • scar47 Jan 6, 2015 12:20 pm

      Ted, I like the way you articulated your thoughts. I’m a pastor and would like to share what you wrote with my congregation. May I have your permission to do so?

  6. Scott Ripley Aug 2, 2014 12:40 am

    Dear Mr. Duncan,

    I will admit, at first, I didn’t think that Newspring was that bad. I never agreed with their theology, but that’s just something that isn’t really too important. At least, with the inconsequential stuff. However, that all changed when I read your blogs. The stuff that I’ve found is absolutely atrocious and vile. Honestly, I got sick when I read what happened to you in your “Holy Rage at the ‘Spring”. I shared that and helped spread what happened to you, and exposed it all over Facebook and told people I knew about it. Of course, I got some hate for it myself, but nothing like you did. I did more and more research and found more and more atrocities that Newspring and Perry has committed. I have vied to never go to Newspring.

    I will be going to Anderson University in the Spring semester. I am transferring from Florence-Darlington Technical College and majoring in Worship Leadership, and I would absolutely love to meet up with you and talk to you.

  7. HealedByHisWounds Aug 11, 2014 11:03 am

    Mr. Duncan,

    Thank you so much for your blog. My eyes have been opened and I pray that My NS friends will start using their discernment. I’m looking for another Church. Any suggestions?

    Also, my husband just brought to my attention that NS use to say, “we will do anything we can to reach people for Christ short of sinning”. Now, in blogs and tweets, they have left out the “short of sinning” part. One step at a time away from God. Praying for NS!

  8. Don Purciful Nov 11, 2014 11:11 pm

    Hmm I stumbled across you solely by accident. I will continue to review y’alls posts. However, the Liberty University disclosure enlightened me on something I didn’t know about mormons snuggling up to a independent Baptist WTW (Yes its clean What (in) the World) well that settled my taking anything from that school and I was considering it. Thanks for saving me alot of money. now where to go for a proper World View Academic Education.

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  10. Hannah Jan 4, 2015 2:30 am

    I was really captivated by your New Springs story. I’ve been hearing a lot about the church lately as it has been marketing itself a lot in my small town. We’re about 30min away from the columbia campus and an hour from the florence campus. So obviously an ideal town for them to hook and it definitely seems to be working. Anyway i was reading a friends Facebook post about one of his recent sermons and it inspired me to do some research which led to a blog about them and your situation and then i came to your story from 09. I’m so sorry for what you had to go through, Very interesting read and i look forward to sharing it with others in town. Thank you for sharing your story

  11. Sherry Sharpe Jan 5, 2015 12:13 pm

    I am an owner at Newspring. I would like to say that no one is perfect, including Pastors. The main reason everyone hears about the mistakes Perry makes is because we are a mega church. When a Pastor makes a mistake at a small church, no one knows and therefore says anything about it. I would ask that you please visit us and you will see a church that welcomes all people with open arms.

    • Laura Lee Jan 5, 2015 7:53 pm

      Hare Krishnas and Buddhists and Scientologists welcome people with “open arms”. However, to be a true church of Jesus Christ… persons must be truly saved in living faith in Jesus Christ through the preaching of Jesus Christ as God come as a man in the flesh who died for our sins on that cross and rose again on the 3rd Day.

      Perry is not only “hot perfect”… he is NOT SAVED!! He does not know Jesus Christ… is a false teacher… a false Christian… and you making excuses for a wolf in sheep’s clothing does not protect the unwary little lambs who walk into his lair… that he calls “New Spring” as HE SPRINGS on the little lambs to devour them in the spirit of satan as a messenger of satan.

      Thank you.

    • David Rhee Jan 5, 2015 8:36 pm


      To make an argument that no one is perfect and to use that as an exemption to Perry’s conduct in preaching and teaching false doctrines is a poor reason to make in this discussion.

      One, pastors (overseers) are to conduct above reproach, temperate, prudent, respectable, hospitable, able to teach, etc. (as laid out in 1 Tim 3:1-7).. Add, I look at the elder qualifications (in Titus 1) which also points out the same points in 1 Tim but adds he should exhort in sound doctrine and to refute those who contradict. Could you honestly tell me that Perry Noble has done these above? The answer is an emphatic no… Honestly, his so called “preaching” is nothing but heretic statement that contradict the very Word of God that he profess to believe. The racial slur is one of many issues with him being a pastor…

      So what was Perry Noble’s answer to the critics? Do you hear repentance? No.. I hear him just trying to hide, double down on something he clearly knows is wrong, or just badmouth the critics… Not addressing the very actions he is committing that is wrong (majorly, his false doctrine)but to go after critics (like Duncan in the past) has been his only direction and action… Does that show a man who is humble, full of repentance, or mourn of his sin? No…

      That is why your argument of people make mistake is a bad reason or explanation to Perry’s conduct.. By the way, even small church gets notoriety when a sinful, unrepented action has been committed by a pastor.. To generalize that mega-pastor’s actions are scrutinized under a bigger magnifying lens could be made to a point BUT isn’t not the pastor like Perry Noble’s intention to make a mega-church and not believe the level of scrutiny not happen (especially preaching false gospel and calling it the Gospel?)… At the end, his action only points that the critiques and rebukes are warranted because he is professing to be a Christian pastor and brings to bad light of who Christ is… Didn’t he not state that about Christians in that very same sermon (of why unbelievers don’t come to church)… Wouldn’t to be a clear course of action to acknowledge is wrong quick and promptly (which he has not) and confess of his sins? That should show why your reason don’t exempt Perry from his conduct and more.. Why is Newspring not kicking this “pastor” who teaches false doctrine?

  12. Amber C Jan 6, 2015 1:15 am

    I would like to begin my comment by requesting that anyone reading this thread, please take the time to actually watch the sermon by Mr. Noble. It is my opinion that Mr. Duncan has certainly taken liberties in his translation of the sermon and has not come to the same conclusion that others may. Perhaps, some forgiveness would remedy that problem, see #6 “be motivated by love”.
    I never understood Mr. Noble to rescind (to revoke, to annul, to vacate, to abolish) The Ten Commandments, but rather give a glimpse of what a relationship with Jesus can do, when you learn his character. The instructions given to us in The Old Testament help us to learn the character of Our Creator. Of course, as I have learned in other sermons at Newspring Church, we are not capable of following them perfectly BUT through Jesus we are given the gift of The Holy Spirit which helps us to share God’s character and forgiveness when we fall short. Mitzvah, the Hebrew word translated into “commandments”, is more of a concept, it’s the glue where man meaningfully connects with his creator.
    I hope that if you are reading this, you will trust me when I say, what a beautiful message The Lord gave through Mr. Noble. It is a message of a covenant between God and his followers. That is something that is undeniable.

    • Daniel G. Jan 6, 2015 7:53 am

      Amber, while I understand your view that Dr. Duncan may have taken liberties in interpreting what Perry said because others may not come to the same conclusion, the general thrust of his argument still remains regardless. In fact, if anyone took liberties in translating anything, it was Perry in translating/interpreting the scriptures. That’s the irony of what you’re saying. Like you said, I’m sure others could have taken it a different way and may have received some helpful nuggets from it, but that doesn’t change the fact that Perry’s overall instruction wasn’t wrong and irresponsible. The bottom line is that it was a cleverly devised restructuring of how the Bible presents the ten commandments. I have no problem with a pastor explaining how to think rightly about them (even to see as more than just commandments), but what Perry did was twist it in such a way that he did nothing more than scratch itching ears. He went way beyond a solid biblical framework for how Christians should look at the ten commandments. He reframed them into a man-centered framework whereby we should “say yes to Jesus”. While it may have sounded good to the untaught, it wasn’t biblical or evangelistic (something can only be evangelistic if grounded in biblical truth).

  13. Lee Ferrell Jan 6, 2015 10:38 am

    I am truly surprised by the folks on this blog that claim to know scripture and be followers of Jesus. I am so shocked that someone would be so arrogant in their writings against NewSpring to claim they know Mr. Gresham Barratt’s heart condition better than he does. I know that Mr. Barrett is a very intelligent man and made his testimony because of what he thought God wanted him to do. To say otherwise, in my opinion, is judging beyond a human allowed level. To make conclusions as to whether a man is sincere or understands his salvation decision is clearly something the bible asks us not to do. We better be very careful when we claim to know anyone’s heart and intent. Only God is omniscient and truly knows a persons heart and whether that person will be in Heaven or not. Remember, Jesus condemned the educated Torah scholars oh his time. They knew God’s word better than most and were still unsaved. Look st what happened to Paul!

    I do attend NewSpring by the way and am one of those helpless, ignorant lambs being led to slaughter. Notes on this blog act like scripture is not read or being encouraged at NewSpring. I happen to bring my iPad to church and go online with YouVersion Bible to keep track of the lesson plan and scripture verses. I do admit that sometime I do not use my iPad because the Scripture is on at least 3 Screens! Also, every time I have checked, the verses have been exactly the same in the version of the bible used. ( I am sure it is heretical to some when the verses are not in the King James Version ) Further, we at NewSpring are encouraged regularly to read our Bibles and spend time with the Lord everyday.

    I have attended or visited many churches in Anderson over the 40 years around the area: Presbyterian, Methodist, Baptist, Fundamental Baptist, Church of God, and Assembly of God. I have seen many serious issues in all of them. One church pastor stated that a black person attended the church, got saved, and then found a church that was better their type. I have seen people with long hair, poor clothing, awkward social skills encouraged to leave the church while folks that were mean spirited and committing adultery were asked to stay. I have seen terrible church splits, elders thinking they owned the church and even church leaders talk about destroying Israel to have peace in the Middle East. I have seen white churches next to predominantly African American neighborhoods that refuse to minister or help there. So I say again, how can anyone be so arrogant and self righteous to throw stones at NewSpring when there is so much work to do as a body of Christ in Anderson trying to work together. Would not this blog be better suited encouraging Christ Followers with Love, forgiveness, humility, and grace?

    As for Pastor Perry’s reported use of “Nigga” in a sermon, I do not know what he said and I know it sounded like that to me. I personally think the term is too common a word and excepted by younger folks in songs and movies. To me, it is the same thing as using the N word with the different spelling. As a Caucasian, I would not use that word period around African American Folks or a part of my vocabulary otherwise. If the African American folks at NewSpring choose to address the issue with NewSpring and Pastor Perry so be it. They are also very intelligent and can address issues as an owner at the church. That is the great thing about freedom, we all can choose to attend the church we want. 40,000 plus just happen to choose NewSpring in SC.

    Yeshua HaMashiach is Jesus’s real name not the name Jesus Christ Anglo Saxans gave the Lord if you want to be so technical about everything. Also the sabbath was on a Saturday not Sunday. The reformation came about due to legalism in the church. Remember the dark ages? Slavery was not really condemned or the civil rights movement supported by the white American church. I can go on and on about almost any church and their history if I want to dig just to find stones to throw.

  14. Laura Lee Jan 6, 2015 11:01 am

    You are stating that Perry is talking about grace in a Christian context. Listen, there are plenty of false teachers who use Christian language but it does not truly refer to the Jesus Christ of scripture. Perry Noble on May 11, 2011 had his worship band open worship service with the Katy Perry song “You’re a Firework”.

    That is a worldly song… not a Christian song. So, this is a clear flag to any true Christian that the spirit of worship was to lucifer not God. This is also a clear indication that Perry is not a Christian minister but a messenger of Satan.

    You see, the messengers of satan pretend to be Christian – are not saved… then use the same language as Christians as they offer worship to lucifer and create a luciferian “church”.

    The assumption you are making that Perry is talking about Christian grace is very ill-advised. You need to know that a man is truly saved… not just using Christian language.

    Jim Jones used some Christian language. David Koresh used some Christian language.

    Would you have us to believe that Jim Jones and David Koresh were true Christians… because they used Christian language? They were not.

    As true Christians, we do not blindly believe that men and women are true Christians for the use of some Christian language. The Bible tells us we will know the wolves by their fruit. We also are to learn what their core doctrines are about Jesus: who Jesus is… and whether their hearts are in true submission to the Jesus Christ of scripture who is/was/ever shall be fully God.

    These are the last days. Many luciferians are now rushing into the organized church posturing themselves and declaring themselves to be “Christians”. But, they preach another gospel, another Jesus, and are known by this false teaching as well as their fruits.

    From this article: http://fbcjaxwatchdog.blogspot.com/2011/05/perry-nobles-church-opens-service-with.html

    “You see, this past Sunday Perry Noble’s worship band opened the service by playing and singing the song “You’re a Firework”. Watch the NewSpring worship band here.

    “You’re a Firework” is a world-wide #1 hit pop song, performed by and co-written by pop sensation Katy Perry. The song is from her album “Teenage Dream”, and the music video for the song features several young people who find courage within themselves to overcome their fears and anxieties. One of the young people in the video is a gay young man who musters the courage to approach another young man at a party and land a French kiss on him, as seen in the still shot below from the video. The sparks in the picture are from the “fireworks” bursting from within as he expresses himself as a gay man kissing another man. That is what the song is about in part.”

    When a pastor plays songs by Katy Perry of this nature as opening songs of “worship”… it should be clearly evident to any true Christian… that this “worship song” is not worship of God our Father through the Lord Jesus Christ… but is rather self-indulgence in the world in a luciferian song.

    What more needs to be said to show any true Christian that something is terribly “out of kilter” with Perry… and false… and of the world… of another spirit… and not the Holy Spirit??

    Does he need to invite Katy Perry to the church to do the song of worship she did to satan at the grammys… for people to “catch it”??

    What will it take for true Christians to wake up to see that not all that glitters is gold… not all who profess to be Christians are truly saved with living faith in Jesus??

    For those who are not willing to examine the true spirit by which Perry operates… well, do such people recognize that there are false among the true??

    OR… are such people just like Perry… thinking that “everyone is a Christian by simply professing to BE a Christian”… rather than by true spiritual conversion in living faith in the true Jesus Christ of scripture who is God??

    Those who blindly support Perry… need to examine themselves to see if they themselves are in the faith… rather than in the fall with Perry… in the great falling away of the last days.

    There should be much more examination of Perry and others in these the last days when many false arise… or there is danger of being in the great falling away ones self.

    Laura Lee

  15. Gamecock Jones Jan 21, 2015 3:24 pm

    Dr. Duncan! I began reading your articles before I listened to an audio interview with Chris Rosebrough on “Fighting for the Faith” and realized that you were the one who created this page. Great stuff! Even though I do not have my own blog site, I too have done extensive research in Newspring and the teachings that “Pastor” (using the term loosely) Perry Noble teaches and the activity that goes on there. Unfortunately I have many friends who I once broke bread with and studied scripture with that now attend that church which is what lead me into my investigation. The results astonished me! God bless you brother and all that you do. Stay in prayer and keep fighting to spread the Gospel of truth to a blind, and dying world! Romans 1:16

  16. scar47 Jan 22, 2015 3:14 pm

    Dr. Duncan, After reading many of the comments on the various blogs, and engaging several NSers in person, it appears to me that there is a pattern that hasn’t been talked about, or perhaps I missed it. I hear the NSers talk about conversions, about people being lead to Christ or salvation, but most of the people I know as NSers, and those that make comments have either been members or attenders of other churches at one time. I’m wondering if the NS phenomenon has more to do with a church culture war than people actually being saved. Or perhaps, NS can be called the AntiChurch.

    Also, I like this blog format. I’m not sure how to ask the question, but who hosts this blog; or what is the software; or just how do I get one? I would like to have a place to discuss politics with friends (by invite only), and this format seems good for that purpose.

  17. mary strickland Jan 22, 2015 8:26 pm

    I have wondered for a long time how, when and where denominations started. T he only thing i found close to it was jews and gentiles. Do you know when they started.

    Does anyone have info on this?

    • James Duncan Jan 22, 2015 9:01 pm

      As Protestants we’d look to the Reformation as the starting point in which we see the early outlines of Lutheran, Presbyterian, Episcopal and Baptist denominations. Methodists and Pentecostals came later. (If you want to go back earlier, you could define the East/West split between the Orthodox and Catholic church as a form of denominational creation, I suppose.)

      Denominations start when believers are pressed to take a stand on something they believe to be non-negotiable. NewSpring really is its own denomination already; i.e. a close association of churches that share a common set of beliefs that are not shared by churches outside of the group.

      • Jordan Jan 29, 2015 9:46 am

        Don’t denominations create a serious conundrum for Protestants? I mean, how is a person supposed to know what the orthodox position is on certain issues (e.g. baptism) if various Protestant denominations have conflicting positions on these issues?

  18. Matthew Abate Jan 27, 2015 2:28 pm

    Good afternoon James,

    I’ve been perusing your blog, and I want to congratulate you on the articles and their content. It’s important to state with clarity where one lands with respect to God and his word. Like you, I’d say that I’m Reformational for the lack of a better word. I embrace the theology expressed in the Second London Confession and the four ecumenical creeds. Keep writing…

  19. Sharon Oct 11, 2015 11:05 pm

    I am so thankful for this blog! I’m a single mom and teacher. My two children and I belong to the church in Summerville where I was raised. My daughter is a senior and is seriously considering Anderson University for the Fall of 2016. I hate to admit it now, but my biggest concern when she began to consider the school was that the entire area was overcome with NewSpring. That is the perception from the Low Country. I know I have raised her to make good choices, but evil disguises itself well in our modern world, and Christianity is not exempt. Thank you for assuring me that there are level-headed, traditional, welcoming congregations who worship Christ and strive to do His work. I’ve taught my children that if the Pastor is the wealthiest member, something is just not right. At NewSpring I believe this is just the tip of the iceburg. And SC has been through this before! Can’t we learn from our history?

  20. Old Anderson Jul 9, 2016 7:59 am

    Mr. Duncan,
    Read your blog and all comments posted by folks. There is connection missed (or not know by many reading this) and I didn’t see anywhere posted by anyone. Two people mentioned in the readings, Julie Dixon, the adoption services worker, & Jason Moorehead go way back. Before The New Springs Days. See they & their families knew each other very very well at New Prospect Baptist in Anderson. She was his Sunday School teacher.

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