An attempt to understand the corporate ties that confuse even Liberty University 4

Liberty University continues to try to distance itself from the announcement that it had entered into a partnership with Benny Hinn that would lead to a new crop of Hinn-ordained pastors the world over. I’ll have another post on the people involved in the announcement, though I decided to abandon that for a moment and at least try to explain how the various Liberty-branded entities are related to each other. Because there’s much reuse of terms like Liberty, Bible, and Institute, I’ll be changing the titles and acronyms into people’s names to help you (and me) keep the parts and people straight.

Liberty University (Dad)

This is the easiest component to understand. A regionally accredited 4-year and graduate university. Jerry Falwell, Jr., is its president.

Liberty University Center for Professional and Continuing Education (CPCE, Mom)

A department of the university that seems to manage non-accredited programs.

Internet Marketing and Communication (IMC, Uncle Bill)

A marketing company owned and operated by Dan Reber, one of the two Liberty representatives in the Hinn video.

Institute of Biblical Studies (IBS, Sally)

The diploma brandished by Benny Hinn in his Liberty announcement

The diploma brandished by Benny Hinn in his Liberty announcement

Operating with Mom’s (CPCE) supervision, this department seems to be responsible for creating non-accredited courses related to biblical studies. It was Sally’s courses that Hinn and his friends were advertising in the video. The Liberty website is relatively silent about who Sally is, though she issued the Benny Hinn diploma–the one shown in the video–on Mom and Dad’s behalf.

In 2009, Uncle Bill (IMC) was asked to promote and market Sally on Mom and Dad’s behalf.

Liberty Home Bible Institute (LHBI, Fred)

This department offers the material that Sally (IBS) writes to students who want to study from home.

In 2009, Dad asked Uncle Bill to market Fred, just like he did with Sally. Uncle Bill must have done that well, because in 2011 Dad asked Fred to move in with Uncle Bill. Fred would still be Dad’s son (he was still “owned” by him), though Uncle Bill had “operational control” over Fred.

Liberty Bible Institute (LBI, Steve)

Dad claims this is Uncle Bill’s unruly son, whom Dad had never met until he was mentioned on the Benny Hinn Show. Uncle Bill, however, seems to have thought that Steve was really Fred (LHBI). Like a good soap opera or a bad Star Trek movie, there’s some confusion about whether Fred and Steve are the same person, twins separated at birth, or whether Steve is a devious doppelganger who has secretly offed Fred.

Liberty Bible Institute Online (LBIO, Joe)

Dad set up a webpage for Fred and put his name in the page title (look at the top of the browser window). However, if you visit the page, you see that it’s actually all about Joe, who’s someone that Dad appears to either not know or want to talk about (he is not mentioned in today’s clarification). Is Joe (LBIO) really Uncle Bill’s son, or just a nickname for Fred (LHBI) and Steve (LBI)? Joe says that he’s a “division” of Dad’s family. Either way, he has assumed Fred’s identity, and Dad seems to be under the impression that Joe (LBIO) is really Fred (LHBI).

Joe has his own separate website, not connected to Dad’s site, where Dad puts in a good word for him. If you study with Joe, you’re really studying with Dad, according to Jerry Falwell, Jr., who ought to know. Dad will even loan you money to study with Joe, and he has told Mom to give you proper credit for your work.

So, you can understand Benny Hinn’s confusion when he was introduced to Joe by one of Dad’s best friends and assured that he was working with Fred and Sally. Now Dad is stomping his foot and insisting that Joe is illegitimate and definitely NOT Fred, even though Dad has been a little confused by that in the past.

Joe, in the meantime, is orphaned, wondering whether he’ll be claimed or disowned by Dad.

In my next post, I’ll show why it was probably a bad idea to send Fred to stay with Uncle Bill, and why no-one should be surprised that he got into trouble.

4 thoughts on “An attempt to understand the corporate ties that confuse even Liberty University

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  2. SallyVee Apr 7, 2014 7:16 am

    Absolutely hilarious! I am equal parts confused and intrigued. Sounds like yet another hot mess of soapy, semi-incestuous, televangical flambé en casserole. Whenever I see the name or face of Benny Hinn, my gag reflex automatically kicks in. And as for Liberty U, I get tons of email from them and hear lots of ads on right wing talk radio. Plus I think Liberty has a strong relationship with The Heritage Foundation. My general impression is that it’s devolved into mainly a racket, as is the case with so many right wing orgs. Which is sad and lamentable, from this conservative’s point of view…

  3. Sam Ronicker Apr 23, 2014 4:29 am

    I really need to stop reading ur posts here about Liberty U. They’re making me regret my decision to enroll/study in their online program. I am seriously having doubts about sticking with LU for my graduate studies.

  4. John Apr 30, 2014 11:25 pm

    Don’t sweat it Sam. You have to understand a lot of these armchair christian critics on the internet have a preconceived idea about certain issues and look for corresponding issues, events, quotes, etc. they can shoehorn or take out of context to fit their meme. I happen to be part of a company that personally knows and have worked with one of the principles mentioned in this article who has the rights to sell the program Hinn was advertising. Essentially he owns the rights to sell the program. However, he doesn’t have the rights to make marketing agreements on behalf of Liberty as was it was perceived by the presentation of Hinn. That is fact. That is also why Godwin’s role has been cut back at the school.

    I also happened to be on staff at one of the Southern Baptist churches these guy’s often go after. I know all too well the lies and misrepresentations that have been made over and over because their methods are not the traditions of old. Methods need to change. The message cannot.

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