Big men don’t need to attack straw men 2

Perry Noble’s ugly caricatures and generalizations of churches other than his own get just a little tiring. A few days ago, a post complimenting John Piper made a quick U-turn into a rant against reformed believers. Now he turns a blog praising a young evangelical leader into an attack on the “church world.”

Someone may be asking, “Isn’t he younger than you?”

Yep…by about four years…which brings another myth that church world has held on to for WAY too long…

…that in order for us to learn from someone…they must be the “older/wiser” person who has had YEARS of experience.

That’s just not true!

Pride is the thought behind that statement!

Can you show me where in the “church world” that myth is held? Anyone with a basic knowledge of the Bible knows that youth is never an impediment to the Holy Spirit’s work. You could create a team of Biblical all stars from young men: Joseph, Daniel, David, Samuel, Timothy and even Jesus himself. Why would you suppose literate Christians think age matters more than God’s hand?

Yes, we in the “church world” do balance our openness to youth with the Biblical command to respect the elderly, though I’m quite certain that that proper respect is not motivated by pride.

The church world usually measures leaders by their wisdom and fidelity to Scripture, not by Perry Noble’s birthday.

2 thoughts on “Big men don’t need to attack straw men

  1. Albert Apr 3, 2009 7:45 pm

    Speaking of generalizations…

    Seems as if Noble is all about church “myths” and is determined to break through them. A past post revealed that Noble thinks that “TONS” of churches have rules that churches are supposed to abide by.

    (from that post entitled Newsping, a cult?) –
    “If you study cults there are MANY that will say they are Christian…but then they have added sayings, books and teachings on top of the Bible. (The Mormons and Jehovah’s Witness are examples) We often look at them…but we neglect to see that churches do this same thing–make up man-made rules such as…
    Women should not wear make-up
    Men should have short hair (Hmmm…every picture of Jesus I see has Him with long hair!)
    You can’t listen to non-Christian music
    You can not watch television
    You must wear a suit or dress to church on Sunday
    “First, second and last verse only…”
    An invitation should be issued at EVERY church service
    Staff members must have a seminary degree”

    First, I haven’t attended a church where dress was a standard or factor on gaining entrance or salvation

    Second, I would like for him to point out to me which churches would claim that alter calls are essential for a service or would prohibit women from wearing make up (an old baptist minister i knew once said in regards to that subject, “a little paint on an old barn never hurt anything).

    Third, I would argue that no one knows what Christ looked like. He probably didn’t have long hair. He was a jew so he probably had curly hair and a scraggly beard. I doubt he had the Fabio-esque appearance that so many Christian marketers push today. Clearly, Noble is an Iconodule.

    “Logic, why don’t they teach logic in schools anymore.” – Lewis

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