Calling all decoder ring owners 1

After refuting the devil’s lie just a couple of weeks ago that NewSpring is just out for your money, I don’t know if this tweet is self parody or just his latest iwanna urge:

I think I want a jeep…or either a really fast sports car…can’t decide!

Paper or plastic. Fries or rings. Credit or debit. Jeep or sports car. Oh, the torturous choices some of us face.

That message on giving must have gone really, really well.

One comment on “Calling all decoder ring owners

  1. Paul Sep 15, 2009 9:23 pm

    i just read an article about persecution of Christians in Turkey and other countries across the world. One listed person after person who were either arrested, deported, imprisoned, tortured, beaten, or killed…sometimes brutally for preaching jesus and pastoring others. What amazed me was not the long list (as amazing and sad as it was), but that 80% of them were all pastors. Makes you wonder if Noble or myself for that matter would be so quick so sign up to be a pastor if that were happening here. In light of what is happening around the world to faithul pastors, makes this tweet and many others pastors send out pretty petty and ridiculous. Lets tweet about something important and worthwhile…not this rubbish.

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