Twittering the news

In this article about search trends, John Borthwick describe the way that Twitter searches can create a real-time text-based news feed. Rather than waiting hours for a single reporter to research and write a story, these feeds gather the observations of multiple witnesses. A few weeks later I was on a call with Dave Winer and ...

Hugh Hewitt vs. MSM

Hugh Hewitt defends the journalistic legitimacy of blogs against a young skeptic from the Wall Street Journal, who had tried to dismiss the blogosphere as foolish and irrelevant.

Nothing’s new to the EU

As weblogs begin to move into video and site like YouTube gain large audiences, the EU wants to apply broadcast censorship standards to the web. Viviane Reding, the Media Commissioner, argues that the purpose is simply to set minimum standards on areas such as advertising, hate speech and the protection of children. But Shaun Woodward, ...

Political disparity in new-media use

Democrats often complain about Republicans’ advantage in alternative media (meaning talk radio and blogs) and are making efforts to compete. Bill Clinton says one reason for the left’s unpreparedness has been its dependency on old-media outlets to promote their agenda for them, something conservatives would say they’ve never enjoyed. [Clinton] said Democrats of his generation ...

Washington Post finding large online audience

The editor of the Washington Post says blogs and online readers are driving a new audience to his paper and his reporters benefit from the criticism and fact checking that bloggers provide. Reporters love newsroom blogs, said Downie, because they put writers in better touch with their readers: “Everyone in our newsroom wants to be ...

ESPN reaches network parity

Another sign of the changing balance between old and new media as ABC decides to brand ABC sports with the ESPN logo.

iSports on tap

Disney adds sports from ABC and ESPN to its iTunes video catalog.

NBC joinins the iTunes party

Video by iPod gains momentum.

On-call advertising

Advertisers have long been suspicious of TiVo for the option it gives views to zap out commercial breaks from network programming. Now TiVo has announced that it’s turning the embedded advertising model on its head by letting TiVo customers search for ads by topic. this new feature will work in much the same way TiVo ...

Hollywood cautious about iPod movies

Hollywood, ever cautious and cool to new technologies, is not liking what it sees with the Disney/ABC agreement to sell its shows for $1.99 on iTunes. It seems they think the $1.99 is too low. Media executives, however, said it costs very little for networks to repackage shows for downloading in what amounts to test ...