Perry Noble says Planned Parenthood is more Christian than you

Perry Noble says Planned Parenthood is more Christian than you
Unless you give them your money, that is, then you’re OK with “pro-life” Perry Noble. Judging by Noble’s Twitter feed, something got under his skin last week about a campaign that some pro-lifers have organized to persuade people not to purchase Girl Scout cookies because some of the proceeds from those sales go to support ...

Infectious Chutzpah

A couple of weeks ago we noted how a local minister was thinking that we could use our technology to help God out with his kingdom building. Now the same kind of thinking has reached all the way to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Last week, President Obama told a group of rabbis, “We are God’s partners ...

The utility of Great Satans

A while back we were discussing the wisdom of attacking Satan, and after three posts I thought I had dealt with the issue. Not quite. Consider this the fourth in that series. One of the points I made in the first post was that a defining characteristic of false teachers is that they disrespect Satan ...

Hillary Clinton is theologically correct

Not often, but when she is, it’s worth pointing out.

That’s a stack of money

A trillion dollars is difficult to comprehend, but this visual depiction is helpful, amazing, and ultimately depressing. HT: The Corner

Let’s play Cabinet musical chairs

Tim Geithner, for whom a 1040 tax form is too complicated, does understand what’s wrong with the climate and knows how to fix it. “We don’t believe it makes sense to significantly subsidize the production and use of sources of energy (like oil and gas) that are dramatically going to add to our climate change ...

You’ll need to drive with earplugs

You'll need to drive with earplugs
When people start putting these on their cars, it’s going to get loud. H/T: The Corner

We are governed by morons: Part 4

Joe Biden forgets the number for his website.

Jindal needs some speech practice

I like Bobby Jindal a great deal, but he’s not ready for prime time. He sounds like he’s reading a story to a group of school children. Talking to the American people should not sound like you’re talking to the voters’ kids. Palin scored with her speeches because she talked to Americans like we were ...

We are governed by morons, Part 3

The Senate Banking Committee chairman, Chris Dodd, opened his mouth yesterday and sent bank stocks plummeting briefly when he suggested that bank nationalization would probably be necessary. The senator’s stupid comment is a reminder that it is hard to overstate the degree to which incompetence can be found in the overpaid senior levels of our ...