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Interview with Janet Mefferd on the Commandments sermon and N-word issue

A conversation with Janet Mefferd, primarily focused on why Noble's Commandments sermon is so important.

You have broken all the commandments, but the good news is that Jesus kept them.

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Radio interview about Noble's Commandments sermon

A 60-minute interview about the Perry Noble Ten Commandments sermon with Pastor Kevin Boling on the the Knowing the Truth Program.

Everything your pastor says has to be defended by Scripture, and if it's not, you should lovingly confront your pastor. Scripture is really what matters and we don't have the right, nor should we have the inclination, to try and change that.

no comments on the fallout from the Result Source scandal

Jeff Bercovici from writes about the reasons Result Source closed its website down and how the efforts to land on the NYT bestseller list has affected Christian publishing.

“I think it’s going to affect this whole business model of how these authors cash in on their fame,” Duncan says. “They bill themselves as bestselling authors for the rest of their lives after having paid their congregations’ tax free money to Result Source.”

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'God Blogger' interview with Drew Marshall in Toronto

15-minute radio interview with Drew Marshall in Toronto, Canada, where we briefly review the NewSpring harassment, Driscoll publishing, Furtick baptisms, and Liberty University stories.

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First Things article about megachurch pastors' Walter White problem

First Things published this piece that combined the Walter White Conundrum with the Result Source stories.

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Janet Mefferd interview re. Noble, Driscoll and Result Source

Janet Mefferd and I talk about the ethical and legal implications of celebrity pastor book deals. Interview starts about 7 minutes into the show.

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Interview with David Lowman re. vision casting

A conversation with David Lowman at KPDQ in Portland about vision casting and related topics. Segment starts at around 10 minutes.

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WCNC story on Steven Furtick's spontaneous baptisms

Stuart Watson's story on Elevation Church's how-to guide for creating spontaneous baptisms, based on this post from 2013.

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Janet Mefferd interview re. Steven Furtick's book sales

I talk with Janet Mefferd about how Steven Furtick manipulated book sales to appear on the New York Times bestseller list. Interview starts about 20 minutes into the show.

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WCNC story on Steven Furtick's book sales

Stuart Watson's investigative report about Steven Furtick's manipulated book sales, based on this post.

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