Despising Discernment; Hugging Heretics 8


Recent Tweet from Furtick:

Great night w a great man of God. Thx Pastor Joel 4 your humility & msg of hope. Love & honor!

Now it seems Pastor Furtick has added Joel Osteen to his growing list of spiritual mentors. Maybe, you say, this was just a nice photo op, and Steven doesn’t really know much about Osteen. Nope. Here’s a post defending Osteen from Furtick’s blog. A few selected quotes:

But to all of you mean spirited name callers who have made a career of condemning celebrity preachers:
Who the heck do you think you are to criticize a man who is impacting a city like Pastor Joel is impacting Houston?

Since when is “impacting a city” the final litmus test of God’s approval? One could easily argue Truman had a large impact on Nagasaki.

Osteen preaches to 40,000 people weekly…
You couldn’t get 40,000 people to come hear you preach if you gave away free Escalades at the door.

Once again, we get the SCOREBOARD argument, and a slam at smaller congregations. And regardless of what Osteen may be preaching, it’s all fine because he draws a large crowd.

…If you’re concerned about a lack of cross centered preaching, then preach the cross yourself instead of wasting valuable time opining about how someone else should do it better.

Which goes completely against Jesus and Paul’s many admonishments to be on the lookout for false teachers.

…Don’t hurl insults at someone with a big church simply because you can’t make your church grow, and although you’d never admit it, you’re jealous.
That’s right… most of the time the motive isn’t defense of the Gospel… it’s jealousy and presumption.

And of course, the strawman argument that the only people who may have a problem with Osteen are jealous pastors. We couldn’t possibly be concerned Christians following the biblical call to “test all things”.

…You know, I think it’s absolutely essential that Christians think critically about what is being taught in Christian pulpits. We must preserve sound doctrine. We must guard against erroneous theologies.

This is a hilarious way to end a post that is scolding us for doing just what he says we must do. But, to follow Steven’s advice here and think critically about what’s being taught, here’s a clip of Osteen you should watch. Is this what Steven calls sound doctrine?


8 thoughts on “Despising Discernment; Hugging Heretics

  1. Ron Sep 15, 2009 6:53 am

    And then you have this excerpt from a post by Perry Noble:

    “I want to learn from people who do ministry differently than me…and it is amazing to me how stupid and insecure pastors and church leaders are when it comes to this.

    For example–anytime I mention TD Jakes or Joel Osteen on this website we have idiots e-mail in with their “concerns” about issues in regards to their theology or teaching style. (As if the person e-mailing is perfect and has it all figured out!)

    BUT, I’ve said it before and I will say it again…I have an incredible amount of respect for both of those men. God is blessing their ministries in an incredible way…and I know there are tons of things that I could learn from them. Just because you are trying to learn something from someone doesn’t mean that you believe exactly like them!”

    The terrible tragedy of an immature under-shepherd who scoffs at discernment (nor seems to posses any)…and leaves the flock unprotected from wolves…

  2. James Downing Sep 15, 2009 8:08 am

    Not only leaves the flock unprotected, but openly invites the wolves in. Thanks for the link Ron. I hadn’t seen that. That’s quite eye-opening as well. Notice the people who would have concerns about the theology of these two men are idiots.
    Not much left to say after that, but…wow.

  3. David J Horn Sep 15, 2009 8:10 am

    Birds of a feather flock together…

  4. Paul Sep 15, 2009 11:40 am

    like i said yesterday, furtick is moving ever closer to apostasy. Follow the logic here. Furtick has gone from being open to false teachers, to seeing what he can “learn”, to reading and emmulating them (Jakes), to fellowshipping with them, and now openly defending them and attacking those who are seeing the warning signs. The logical conclusion is to begin teaching like them, sharing the pulpit with them, or believing their doctrine. I am worried for the people at Elevation. The warning signs are all there. I hope that God is gracious that he grants Furtick repentance and discernment or else many of his new converts will literally be thrown to the wolves, as well as Furtick himself. It’s one thing to debate the doctrine of the church he belives, and the methods he uses. It’s quite another thing to literally embrace proven false teachers/heretics, and call them men of God. Furtick is one small step away from becoming a false teacher himself.

  5. David J Horn Sep 15, 2009 12:28 pm

    I agree Paul.

    It’s my prayer that God does a work on Furtick before he falls completely into the pit of being a false teacher.

  6. shane Padgett Sep 16, 2009 10:50 pm

    Are you kidding me? What an idiot. I’ve gone to many things that Steven has done and several things perry (his bud) have done as well…are you kidding me? It’s crazy to see them go from one way all the way to the other in less than 5 years. Crazy. I’m glad I read the Bible.

  7. James Downing Sep 17, 2009 7:56 am

    You are right about the change in Furtick, Shane. It’s heartbreaking.

  8. Tommy F Sep 17, 2009 8:45 am

    The problem appears to be that Furtick (and some others) have turned the Pastorate into a CEO model, so they look for people who have done it “successfully.” It’s a math and fame equation. Lots of numbers + fame = success. Furtick defends “the Mask” – the one who is always smiling – from Houston, because he wants to emulate him. He wants to know how to preach to 40,000 people (numbers) and be on TV interviews (fame). Look at the comments about growth and numbers. Since the Mask has done so, he’s worth a photo op.

    If it was rooted in doctrine, he would avoid him. It’s not. It’s rooted in fame. Not a good set of criteria for judging who to look up to.

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