Did someone put ignorance on the agenda? 2

There’s a curious sequence of posts coming from NewSpring’s leaders this week.

Perry Noble led the way, boasting about how God prepared him to lead 10,000 people by making him a theological and ecclesiastical know nothing.

I did just about everything you could do in a church and in all of that God was preparing me to one day lead a church in which I could understand the people that worked with me rather than spout out theology and ideas and methodology in which I knew nothing about.

Now Brad Cooper is following up, excusing Christians who don’t care to learn or think well, so long as they do stuff. He condemns Christian scholarship by approvingly quoting Soren Kierkegaard. If you see something in the Bible, Cooper and Kierkegaard tell us, and if it makes sense to you, jump right in there and do it. Don’t think. Don’t discuss. Don’t learn. JUST DO! We and God won’t even worry about your intentions, Cooper promises us.

It’s no accident that Kierkegaard is regarded as the father of evangelical liberalism and Christian postmodernism. There is no real truth; what you think is true is good enough.

Anyone see any potential problems with that?

2 thoughts on “Did someone put ignorance on the agenda?

  1. Tommy F. Apr 11, 2009 11:24 pm

    JDuncan: Thanks for the post. Anytime I can read about NS and Kierkegaard at once I smile. Which isn’t very often.

    On the PNoble quote: At least they don’t falsely advertise that they are intellectually curious, voracious readers, and well-read on important theological issues of the day. It’s so much better to be honest about one’s ignorance on matters like theology, when leading people to God. There’s a slight problem with PNoble’s claim. Every time PNoble states “Jesus saves” he is issuing a serious theological claim related to Jesus Christ, salvation, sin, and humanity (to name just a few). I’m not sure which is worse: either 1) he is uninformed on these points (which is equally laughable and sad), or 2) he’s disingenuously acting like he is uninformed on these points, but he’s really not. Either way, this is pure stupidity. Public stupidity. Either he’s admitting he’s clueless or he’s faking it.

    On the BCoop quote of SKierkegaard: I’d bet any blog reader that BCoop couldn’t speak for more than 2.5 minutes on the gist of Kierkegaard’s philosophy and further I’d also bet that BCoop has not read more than a dozen pages of any of Kierkegaard’s 30+ books. I’d say he borrowed the quote from someone else … who hasn’t really read Kierkegaard, either. Which means either: 1) BCoop has not read very much of Kierkegaard’s work and so he really has no business quoting him, or 2) he reads a lot of Kierkegaard, and knows what he’s talking about, … which would be even better since taken on its face, the one quote BCoop cites basically questions the need for someone like BCoop to read Kierkegaard’s work, which is pretty sophisticated as far as philosophy goes.

    Question 1: I wonder if either PNoble or BCoop ever really reflect on the trash they share with the public. Do they ever wish they had an “undo” button for what they say?

    Question 2: Do most of their readers (read: admirers) just nod in amazement when they speak, write, tweet, blog, etc.? Or do they think through the obvious problems with the lack of intellectual weight exhibited. It doesn’t take a genius to lead a church, but if you’re not a genius, maybe you should 1) correct the lack, or 2) keep it to yourself.

  2. Twit Conway Apr 14, 2009 7:10 am

    Could someone introduce PNob and BCoo to Gmail which now has the “arrh-I-screwed-up-and-shouldn’t-have-hit-send-on-that-dumb-ass-email-…-my-life-is-over-if-I-don’t-delete-it-somehow-…-ah-thank-Google-for-this-unsend-button”?

    @TommyF: Um, yes. I think. And here was I under the impression that Kierkegaard was imported beer.

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