Do you [email protected]%$#%@ believe the Bible? 2

A few weeks ago BCoop complained that I was being too concerned about desecration in the house of God.

I’ve been accused of worse, but I happened to be reviewing a Brad Cooper sermonette for an upcoming post and ran across this little piece of desecration. Although he doesn’t have the sex posters behind him on this evening, he brings the dirt to the altar all by himself.

After reading a passage from Romans (and successfully soliciting the crowd to endorse universalism, though we’ll leave that alone for now*), he asks his listeners if they frikin’ believe the Word of God.

(Visit the original stream here if you want the full context.)

Cutting edge? Yes.

Over the edge? Definitely.

You probably already know or suspected this, but frikin’ is simply a synonym for the other F-word. The fact that it’s a verbal sibling hardly excuses it it, given that the meaning is exactly the same.

Some questions:

  1. What does Cooper mean?
  2. How does one learn to frickin’ believe the Bible? Is NewSpring a good place to start?
  3. Should all Christians frickin’ believe the Bible?
  4. How do you get away with this as a pastor? Would his bosses be upset if he’d said “do you effing believe?” or if he actually used the original F bomb? How is what he said any better?

It’s too bad his question wasn’t greeted with a loud chorus of No’s.

P.S. What kind of Bible is this?


Shouldn’t the question be, “Do you frickin’ believe my sermon notes?” or at least “Do you frickin’ believe this little cut and pasted part of the Word of God?” Nothing against sermon notes, but if you’re going to use the Word of God as a visual aid, it probably should actually be the Word of God.

*Quick hint: when someone asks you to shout out an answer to something you haven’t thought about, keep your mouth shut.

2 thoughts on “Do you [email protected]%$#%@ believe the Bible?

  1. Allan Mar 30, 2009 11:32 pm

    (Quote) “Quick hint: when someone asks you to shout out an answer to something you haven’t thought about, keep your mouth shut.”

    Very good advice! And it’s that discernment-paralysing crowd dynamic that these wolves use, to get foolish people to agree to things they would never have subscribed to without the powerful desire not to feel lonely in a big audience.

    we need to think, before we speak or act at the behest of a speaker, and then if we need to, act by walking out.

    These guys are doing it just how Hitler did it to the German people in his mass rallies, often with a similar dominionist message, but always by appealing to arrogance and pride.

  2. Matt Apr 6, 2009 3:58 am

    A recent post on Perry’s blog:
    “(His series on Ecclesiastes is one of the best freakin series of messages I’ve ever heard.)”
    Looks like it runs in the church family.

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