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Catalyst Conference’s bio for Perry Noble describes him this way:

Perry is a gifted communicator and teacher, and his biblical wisdom and leadership insights exceed his years.

I’ve seen a lot of Noble’s leadership insights on his blog, so that part of the bio isn’t terribly remarkable, even though IMHO they’re generally recycled authoritarian corporate bromides (the sort that Keep-Pushing Furtick is also quite fond of).

My impression is that Noble’s skill is in preaching simple messages in personal and controversial ways. There’s obviously great value to repeating old and obvious truths, but I don’t know that you’d claim it as special wisdom.

I suspect that the Catalyst bio is boilerplate PR hype, and I’d be surprised if there are many NewSpringers whose primary reason for attending was to hear Noble’s advanced Biblical wisdom. Given Noble’s tendency to denigrate advanced Biblical knowledge, to give him credit for so much unique wisdom seems creative.

That said, however, I don’t listen to many of Noble’s sermons, and I don’t know the details of Noble’s theological insights as well as a regular NewSpringer might. I would like to know what you’ve heard from Noble, after you strip away the personal anecdotes, insults and jokes, that would constitute surprisingly deep biblical wisdom.

I’ve told you why I discount the Catalyst description (and for all we know, Noble probably does as well), but I’m genuinely interested in what the Catalyst leaders and Noble fans are hearing from his preaching that sounds so biblically wise.

The comments will stay open for a week. Please jump in, make your pastor look good, and educate us.

(Note, the comments for this post are intended as an opportunity for Noble supporters. Posts that just jump all over him will probably be deleted.)

3 thoughts on “Fill in the bio

  1. James Downing Aug 31, 2009 10:03 am

    “biblical wisdom and leadership insights exceed his years.”? Really? Don’t you usually reserve that comment for someone who is around 20 years old? Perry is in his 40’s, right?

  2. MW Aug 31, 2009 4:00 pm

    I’d like to hear from the New Springers on this one. This is there chance to tell what they like.

    I’ve heard some really good sermons from Perry before. He has a tendency to isogete texts sometimes but that may be lack of seminary teaching. I heard him preach a sermon on “The Will of God” in his “You Asked for It” series. I was expecting something arminianist but found that his teaching was impressively biblical and reformed. He said that the bible was where we find the will of God. He said someone came to him once and said that they believed God was telling them it was ok to live together even though they weren’t married. He say “either God is lying or you are.”

    That’s one of my experiences with New Spring.

  3. Tommy F Sep 7, 2009 12:24 am

    Now we know what NewSpringers see in their “wise” leader…. Nothing. Thanks for the insight.

    JDuncan basically calls out Noble for not really fitting the description, and you all simply prove him correct.

    Seriously, not one NewSpringer comes to defend Noble? You can’t fill this post with stories and insights into why Noble is such a spectacular minister for NS? Really?

    You all like to comment about how JDuncan & JDowning are too critical of Noble, and yet when they give you the opportunity to heap praise and defend Noble, the response is silence?

    This was your best chance to promote and defend Noble. You didn’t. Is it because you can’t?

    You spend your days attacking Duncan and Downing for attacking NS, and now we know that you have nothing to offer that’s of any substance (sounds familiar, actually).

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