Having fun with the Furtick vision translator 1

Since Steven Furtick has discovered that visions and delusions are difficult to tell apart, let’s revisit some of his earlier teachings, this time substituting delusion for vision.

Sometimes God plants a delusion in your heart so outrageous that you need to keep it to yourself for a while.

Understanding and passing the delusion down from the top may be one of the best things we do.

Maybe the reason a lot of staffs and churches don’t “get the delusion” or “support the delusion” of their leader is because it’s not worth getting or supporting.

Get alone with God often. Get a delusion. A terrifying delusion. An impossible delusion. A ludicrous delusion. A “have you lost your freaking mind ” delusion.

Then clarify the delusion. Quantify the delusion.


Sometimes our spiritual delusion gets scrambled because we try to hack someone else’s delusion.

If you want a clear delusion, you’ve got to get your own satellite dish.

You cannot impart a delusion that you do not own.

Delusion. Everyone has to know it, say it, eat it, breathe it, sleep it, live it day in and day out. Everything is done because of delusion. (From an Elevation pastor)

If [a leader is] boldly speaking delusions, I guarantee you he pays a price for it.

All of a sudden, Furtick makes sense.

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  1. Tommy F Nov 18, 2009 4:38 pm

    Now we just need to translate leader to “the deluded one” when we read about his delusions…. Errrr. I mean visions.

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