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What did NewSpring’s leadership know and when did they know it is one of the key questions in this story. We know what Jason Moorhead knew, but what about Noble and another of his lieutenants?

We know that Noble and Brad Cooper routinely monitor messages coming into their Twitter accounts by people who send them messages. These messages appear in their accounts whenever someone drops their Twitter name into their own messages, so a tweet that said, “@perrynoble you rock!” would appear on Noble’s personal page. We know that he reads these because he often replies to them. For an example, look at his response to MrJaceBreeback that I referenced in the Tied to the Mast post. Noble only follows 30 people, and MrJaceBreeback is not one of them. Cooper does the same thing.

Josh Maxwell often directed his messages in my name to Noble and Cooper. What follows is a list of those messages with their posting date. Every one of these appeared in their Twitter account, which we know they read regularly.

How did they not notice these, especially when they all had my name attached to them?

Messages to Noble:

  • heres to hoping for a koolaid summit with @perrynoble and NS! maybe @tommyfrederick can delay his “business” trip (8/3)
  • i also love the fact that @bcoop may one day preach naked from stage. truly hoping @perrynoble never does that, for someone may confuse… (8/3)
  • cant wait to see what @perrynoble says about Pavlogs Dong (8/2)
  • wish newsprings would do another sign campaign so i can have something to write about. maybe a sign with a shirtless @bcoop and @perrynoble (8/2)
  • ron wears nicer clothes than @perrynoble (7/17)
  • @perrynoble i dont hate u becuz u preach at NS , i hate u becuz u look so damn good in those shirts! (7/12)
  • @perrynoble u should preach without u shirt on! (7/12)
  • @perrynoble sorry for the incident @samsclub (7/12)
  • dear @bcoop @perrynoble @garylamb @stevenfurtick i apologize for being a short, fat, low life, obsessive compulsive, snaking eating… (7/12)
  • assuming @perrynoble will talk about Jesus today – ill find some way to rip him. and if i dont @tommyfrederick will (7/10)

Messages to Cooper:

  • i also love the fact that @bcoop may one day preach naked from stage. truly hoping @perrynoble never does that, for someone may confuse him with chewbacca or grizzly adams. @bcoop on the other hand is hottttttt, with 7 t’s! (8/2)
  • oh or more love post about @bcoop and him taking his shirt off. those are my fave. mabye i should get on mcdzl next (8/2)
  • @bcoop i suppose u never got the invite to the party tonite. pnoble didnt show either. (7/29)
  • cannot wait to see what @bcoop said at fuse. gawd i hope he preached without his shirt on and cursed loudly from stage (7/29)
  • @bcoop when i free myself from my captors can i be the drummer @fuse? we can even keep my hands tied together! (7/28)
  • @bcoop who u marrying? (7/25)
  • gonna jog to Ingles and back @bcoop hurry up and get back from the gauntlet. im ready for a shirtless run (7/23)
  • going for a shirtless run @bcoop wanna join? (7/19)
  • @bcoop is now using the word cooter. i must admit it is better than bamf (7/12)
  • @bcoop u are one BAMF! i hope u take my offer of going for a run one day… maybe the noble PN can join. it would be super fun (7/11)
  • running naked @ 12pm with @bcoop (hopefully) (7/10)
  • hope ur preaching bare back @bcoop. (7/10)
  • @bcoop shirtless run at midnight. my house, down midway to harriett, to Ingles, loop back through Oakmont, end @ hospital. (7/9)
  • going for a run down midway. ill be the guy without his shirt. @bcoop wanna join? bring PN! (7/9)
  • @bcoop i was hoping to see shirtless preachers! still waiting i suppose. xoxo (7/9)

What was their response? You’ll need to ask them.

  • Did they read them and just ignore them, not noticing their content? How do you not notice something askew in these messages?
  • After reading the first few, did they block messages from jamesduncanAU from showing on their pages? If so, why? If they thought these messages were really coming from me (and they knew who I was), they should have used them to destroy my reputation. If they realized these were coming from someone who had appropriated my identity, why not try to get this person to stop? Simply blocking would have been a pretty weak response.
  • Did they read them and think they were funny?

One way or another, at least some of these messages passed by their eyes. Ignorance of Maxwell’s content is not a rock-solid excuse for their passivity.

Here’s the other thing. Maxwell knew that Noble and Cooper read these. How did he interpret their silence? The same way that he interpreted Moorehead’s silence, perhaps?

As approval.

38 thoughts on “How do you ignore this?

  1. Griffin Dec 8, 2009 1:49 am

    Mr. Duncan my heart goes out to you and your family for the egregious acts that these fake “christians” have committed upon you. I do not attend church and have a hard time forming any sort of religious beliefs. I get invited quite often by friends to attend Newspring “church” but everytime I try to read something about it there are always 3 negative stories for every 1 positive. Once again I may not be religious but using foul language and posting pornographic material on emails and such just doesn’t seem very holy to me.

  2. Jim W Dec 8, 2009 6:28 am

    Hey, Chase, wake up and smell the coffee. “By their fruits shall you know them”. Remember that verse? Their fruit is rotten. It stinks. Therefore, I doubt. Maybe you should look up the definition of blasphemy before you go accusing someone of it. Because you just accused me of exactly what I accuse them of. How does that make you better?

  3. Alex L Dec 13, 2009 12:02 pm

    Dr. Duncan,
    I attend Newspring “Church” and I was shocked when I heard this. I doubt I will be going back. I feel that this story needs to be heard by everyone at Newspring. This sunday I logged on Newspring’s web chat and simply asked, “Whats going on with that Maxwell guy,” and I got booted out of the chat and now they refuse to let me back in. I feel like Newspring is being hypocritical by refusing someone looking for answers. Newspring is only worried about what others think of them instead of what GOD thinks of them. Dr. Duncan, I am sorry about your ordeal, but it helped me realize that I need to look for another church. I mean if this guy is on there leadership team, what does that say about Perry and everyone who hired him?

  4. JB Dec 13, 2009 3:49 pm

    Dr. Duncan,

    I hate that this situation has happened, mostly for your wife who I’m sure at times this has been unbearable for. I don’t understand why the need to be such a critic of a church your not even part of. If you are so against the teachings and concerned for the people attending, why not start a church across the street and preach the bible the way you feel God wants it preached? I think your blog against NS and PN is wrong. That doesn’t mean their 100% correct. I just don’t find where all these anti church blogs are furthering the gospel. I am against what this guy Maxwell has done. It was wrong. What started out to be juvenile behavior quickly escalated into something serious and scary. You seem to be very interested in what and when PN and NS staffers knew about what Maxwell and his buddies were doing. What I find interesting is we know from your own detailed timeline what and when you knew things. Why, why, why, didn’t you put a stop to it immediately? I just don’t get it. I’m not saying Maxwell and his buddies weren’t wrong, and nobody but PN and NS knows what/when they knew stuff, but you knew and watched and waited. If someone took any part of my identity I would be on it right then! You might not have easily been able to shut down the twitter account but you too could have sent then a message immediately threatening legal action if it wasn’t stopped. It’s almost like the police waiting for someone to actually be killed so they can get a murder charge instead of the conspiracy charge. I also lost respect for the validity to your claims with the 1.5-3 million dollars. You somewhat had me until that point. In fact, I bet you regret that. I hope you and your family find peace. I hope PN and NS make right if/how they have wronged you and I hope you make right if/how you have wronged PN/NS. We are supposed to all be on the same team. Satan is lovin this. Lets get back to pleasing God!

  5. Tommy F Dec 13, 2009 7:54 pm


    You wrote: “I also lost respect for the validity to your claims with the 1.5-3 million dollars. You somewhat had me until that point.”

    I bet many people agree with your point. I think NS had hoped JDuncan would just go away when they embarrassed him with this figure. Here’s why it’s not quite as embarrassing as they want to make it.

    What’s a lost adoption worth? (lots, I’d say).
    If not 1.5m or 3m, what would you have asked for? (lots, I’d say).
    Why did NS ask for terms of a settlement? (because they needed to consider keeping this quiet?)
    Shouldn’t the attorney have immediately said: “No settlement. No money. No way. Never.”? (He needed to let NS consider it, since they wanted to keep it quiet?)
    Why did they mention a benevolence fund? (Because they considered using it?)
    Why did they contact their insurance company? (Because they considered using it?)

    There may be a different answer, but it’s odd that NS doesn’t offer one.

  6. JB Dec 13, 2009 10:18 pm

    Tommy F,

    I’ll do my best to answer your questions. First I’d say NS probably hoped JDuncan had never come along or at least when he did come and made his case against the preaching and style of NS that he would of left then. I don’t know if the money is embarrassing, I just don’t think its right in the christian world. Now you can say what Maxwell and others did wasn’t right in the christian world and I agree. Two wrong don’t make a right, it just may make one rich. What’s a lost adoption worth? Really? I love kids, I don’t think you could put a value on that. I don’t think money makes that feel better either. The other thing is there isn’t proof yet, just suspicion that NS staff had something to do with the adoption coming apart. The rest of the questions I think fall under the understanding that this is now a legal issue. Church’s and Pastors get sued, that is why they have insurance. Lawyers have a protocal that they go by and since a lawyer is handling the situation he/she will handle it in the best way they see fit, doesn’t mean NS will go along with the recommendation. One thing to remember is the PN didn’t start ignoring JDuncan when this all came to pass, he started ignoring him and other critical bloggers the moment they arive on the seen. I will tell you this, I know alot of pastors, my dad included, and I have seen pastor after pastor torn apart in the church. When people in my dads church went after him they spread allegations that my mom was a lesbian, that my brother and I were sleeping around the church, I even had a grown man come up behind me a teen and hit me because he was convinced by others who were lying that I was trying to have relations with his daughter(and I’ll tell you 15 years later now none of it was true), our property did get vandalized, a group of men with an off duty officer tried to forcefully remove my dad and his belongings from the church, and more, much more. Many of my pk friends dad’s had simular if not worse things happen. So why didn’t all of them sue? You think PN hasn’t been wronged at all in his time in ministry? How about your Pastor? Why don’t all of us christians who have been wronged by each other sue? and sue big like 1.5-3 million dollars worth? Because it doesn’t further the kingdom! At the beginning and end of the day it isn’t about us! Its all about HIM! I know Maxwell and his buddies were wrong! I don’t know what the rest of NS staff knew or did, but I do know I don’t agree with JDuncan either. These blogs attacking pastors and churchs are wrong! I don’t see it anywhere in the bible that Jesus, Paul, or anyone else went around attacking other churchs. Paul did correct churchs that he had his hand and did so directly to them. Lucky for us his correction to them made it in the bible to give us direction in how we should behave in our church bodies. I hate that any of this has happened. I hate that I even know about it. I stumbled across it and now it just makes me sad and brings back bad memories of people fighting against each other instead of fighting the good fight together for our God. Hope this helps!

  7. Ian Dec 14, 2009 12:06 am

    “One thing to remember is the PN didn’t start ignoring JDuncan when this all came to pass, he started ignoring him and other critical bloggers the moment they arive on the seen.”

    I’m not sure if this is true. I don’t know this for a fact, but, I believe that Pastors that are often a target of critical bloggers, who also claim they ignore them, may not actually read themselves but assign staff memebers to do the reading for them.

    Anyway, if someone asked me to abritrate this entire thing, and no one hasn’t, I would act as if this whole lawyer thing never happened, that Newspring didn’t attempt to get this story the media, that Jduncan didn’t ask for a dime and I would go to Newspring/Perry Noble and say apologize to this man and family. Then I would say to Perry Noble take a chill pill when it comes to “critics” and preach the Word brother. Then I would speak to the people at Newspring and suggest that they start taking ownership in their church and establish and accountability structure for their Pastor. If they begin the process I would tell JDuncan to take a chill pill on the PN blog posts.

  8. sam Dec 14, 2009 12:14 am

    Perry Noble by his own confession responded to the bloggers when they first came on the scene. AND even though he says he doesnt respond to bloggers now, one need only to listen to his sermons, read his blog, or even watch his sessions from Newspring’s conference, Unleash to see him DIRECTLY address bloggers. Lets just put this on the table first and foremost.
    Paul did correct churches. He was pretty firm with the Corinthian church even telling them them that they should judge others within the church(1 cor 5). In Galatians we see Paul telling them they have abandoned the gospel and then Paul goes on to “attack” the judaizers by telling them they should emasculate themselves. Pretty harsh and dare i say judgmental by todays standards. Paul even “attacked” and rebuked Peter in front of others.
    And have you read Revelation? In Chapters 2 and 3 Jesus “attacks” certain churches.
    Why are these blogs wrong? Millions of Christians are being led astray by false teachers. Are you saying that God isnt using some of these blogs written by people truly gifted in discernment to protect his sheep from some of these wolves in sheep’s clothing “pastors”? We are in a time where church planting has become the hot “thing”. Anyone can bypass seminary and training in a local church and start a church plant and appoint themselves a “pastor”. Gary Lamb was a prime example. He was not biblically qualified to be a pastor in the first place. These pastors set themselves up as the ultimate authority in the church with little or no accountability save a board of overseers where the same pastors are on each other’s board of overseers. Newspring ignores the biblical mandate for the church to be governed by a plurality of elders. This lack of accountability led to this matter against Mr Duncan to get out of hand.
    Lastly JB, you willfully chose to read this blog. Please dont play the martyr.

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