Inside-out, upside-down language 1

Some of you have probably noticed the disparity in how NewSpring and its fellow traveling churches use language. When they talk to or about sinners, the language is watered down to strip the essential meaning out of the words.

When they talk about the church, the language turns violent and profane.

If you get into their heads, the logic sort of makes sense.

* Noble complains that pastors who preach for pay are prostitutes. Besides the insult and error in the claim, the hypocrisy is astounding. Noble is paid so much by his church that they worry about an IRS audit for excessive payment to the CEO of a non-profit (Check items 14 and 16 in the linked pdf in this article). Understand that I have no problem with Noble’s high salary. He is obviously an effective leader and his congregation definitely values him; they can pay him as much as they care to. But if it’s good for NewSpring, why can’t Noble extend the same privilege to other congregations who are happy to pay their own pastors?

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