Is it OK for us to disagree now? 2

NewSpring’s worship leader seemed quite down on himself on Sunday. He acknowledged that he has payed his dues to Satan, and seemed to think he’s going to hell.

I know NewSpringers don’t like bloggers always finding things to disagree with their leaders on, but would this be an appropriate time to point out that he’s probably wrong?

UPDATE: People who complain about playing Highway to Hell to open an Easter service are told that they can’t criticize unless they’ve seen and understood the song in the context of the whole service, notwithstanding the fact that NewSpring itself is proud to display the song out of context. Look at Brad Cooper’s page or Tony Morgan’s site (who posted two versions of it); all they show you from the entire service is the H to H song. They obviously think it’s the coolest thing they did that morning.

Has anyone seen them showing off videos of the other parts of the worship service to the same extent as this one?

2 thoughts on “Is it OK for us to disagree now?

  1. Tommy F. Apr 14, 2009 10:19 pm

    Notice that BCoop took the typical route and deflected, by commenting on how many people made decisions. This is the typical rationale for anything NS does: the end justify the means. Period. This logic, they think, insulates them from any criticism, since it silently implies that God must approve, since people we saved.

    This is a nice way to avoid/ignore/reject all criticism.

    • James Duncan Apr 14, 2009 10:39 pm

      It’s the same rhetorical strategy used by PN in his preface to making his observations about people who criticize him.

      “…people that would publicly come out and criticize the ministry that I believed that God had called me and our church to do.”

      Once you establish that God wanted you to do what you do, then you really do have the obligation to ignore criticism and continue on your merry way. After all, how can Biblical standards trump God’s call?

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