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Gary Lamb has been hinting for a while that he wants to start another church, and an alert reader noticed that perhaps the first step in his rehabilitation occured a few weeks ago, on the same day that Noble was preaching a sex sermon inspired by Lamb’s own failure.

The church that welcomed Lamb back on stage was Life Church in Rome, Georgia. The church’s corporate twitter thought it was worth trumpeting:

Had @garylamb sharing his story today.

The church’s music minister added a few more emotions:

Great morning @lifechurchrome, @garylamb shared his story, confessed sins, showed brokenness, and lives were changed fo the kingdom of God!

We thought you’d like to know.

Oh, Lamb’s host church is about to do a “Porn Sunday” and has been posting porn ads on Facebook. As some of you may remember, these were the same kind of topics that Lamb’s church was doing when he was getting into trouble. Here’s some of their chatter:

just posted a porn ad on facebook for @lifechurchrome whole nutha level

YEs @lifechurchrome seen salvations again today and our porn ad is working thats right i said porn ad. 7 more days until we attack that 🙂

our local alcohol commision turned down girls gone wild but @lifechurchrome is going through with porn sunday, yeah come on

Like a dog returns to its vomit…

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  1. AP Oct 5, 2009 4:40 pm

    Slim: you may be correct about his kids. My question is how do you know who he means by “us?” Do you attend the same church he is attending or live in the same apartment/housing complex? Just trying to figure out why you are saying what you’re saying.

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