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In this video from IMPART, Steven Furtick is joined on stage by special guest Perry Noble. The first thing that hit me after watching this video is that someone paid $700 to watch these guys sit around and talk. Apparently, being able to draw a large crowd to a church service makes you an expert on all things. For instance, from the video, here’s Noble on marriage:

The problem with some pastors marriages is you want your wife to understand you and she don’t. She loves you. She married you. She will never understand you.

Maybe this is true in some cases, but Perry doesn’t strike me as a particularly complex guy. I mean, here’s what he says just a couple seconds later:

We’re men. If it doesn’t have anything to do with sex we forget it.

Luckily for us, Perry doesn’t stop there. He continues to impart his valued wisdom. On women:

Two guys can get in a fight and five minutes later we can go to lunch and be best friends again. Two women get in a fight, they’re not even gonna talk in Heaven.

Man. I wish I had known that women were incapable of forgiveness and grace before I got married. Oddly though, In the past twelve years, I’ve found my wife to be the most forgiving person I’ve ever met. I guess if Pastor P is right, she’ll show her true womanly vengeful side soon enough.

Now, that wisdom alone would have been worth at least $700 to me, but believe or not, Perry shares more. On parenting:

(To an older pastor) How did you raise a little girl that doesn’t hate church? He said this, I wrote this down. He said, “I never talked negatively about the church in front of my little girl.”

That’s good. I do wonder if the opposite is true. Should Perry talk negative about his little girl in front of the Church? I mean, it does seem that every time she has a bathroom accident, he tweets it.

Now, I know that more was discussed at Impart, and I hope that there are subjects where Steven and Perry are more adept, but with Unleash coming up soon, Impart just finished, and who know what else after that, I just don’t understand the draw. What do you think these guys will say that is worth paying to hear? I think it all comes down to the large crowds and hoping some of that success will rub off.  The critics are always accused of jealousy, but I think you have to be pretty envious of someone to pay $700 just to hear their secrets.

It’s kind of like dieting, I suppose. We all know how to lose weight: Eat less, exercise more. Yet millions of books and videos are sold each year that in some form or another tell people just that. We keep buying these products hoping that there will be some magic combination that will allow us to wake up and be the person we want to be… with little or no effort. My guess is that is the motivation for a large group of people that keep going to these conferences. Ok, I’ve read my Bible. I know what the Church is, and what it should be…but maybe, if I go to this one more conference, I’ll hear the secret that will bring me 10,000 members overnight.

Let me save you some money: It’s not gonna happen. Even if you follow Furtick’s advice point by point and do everything exactly the way he did it, your odds of getting similar results are almost non-existent. I think even he would tell you that, though if you really believed it, he would lose money.

Read the Bible.

Do what it says.

Be faithful.

Don’t measure success on a worldy scale.

Make all checks payable to James Downing.header

40 thoughts on “Imparted Wisdom from Impart

  1. Mike Nov 5, 2009 12:42 pm

    by that logic, the perception of a Muslim or JW that attends regularly is truth, huh, well OK.

    i suppose my problem is that i am jealous that God seems to have provided a near perfect human to follow/ emulate/ defend, and all i have are people.

  2. Corner Coffee Nov 5, 2009 1:03 pm

    You didn’t tell the whole story. You told part of it … incidentally, the part that made your point seem stronger.

    As to the rest of your incoherent rambling, I can’t respond to it if it makes no sense.

  3. Seth Nov 5, 2009 1:18 pm


    Not sure what logic you are following with the whole muslim or JW thing.

    And I NEVER said perry, or warren, or anyone was perfect nor near perfect, in my posts in the past I have said this because if I dont, my defending of truth seems to be a call that I think they are perfect. And notice I am defending what he said, because well, it is true. If it isn’t true, and God loves churches that just read the Bible and do no outreach please show me where Jesus said that, where he refused to help someone but instead just read verses to them and then went with his disciples and just sat around studying the bible. I just dont see it in scripture.

  4. KeithO Nov 5, 2009 9:40 pm


    So if 90% won’t, and the remaining 10% can’t, then whose left? For someone who usually makes very insightful observations and points, this is a rather sloppy assertion on your part. Even Seth can highlight numerous churches he knows that are doing things. I’m just challenging the judgmental and generalized assertions that people from “successful” churches make about what the other half does or doesn’t do before their God. These people you judge may or may not owe God an explanation in the end, but they certainly don’t owe you one. I prefer to not lump people together simply because bible study groups and sunday school happens to be their bag.

  5. Mike Nov 6, 2009 11:56 am

    you said that if i did not attend NS, i could not know the truth about it. presumably then, people who do attend, and find it good, do know the whole story and thus the truth.

    But by that logic, my friend in salt lake city has every right to outright reject my assertion that he needs Christ.

    PN and SF seem to point at the temporal and physical a bit more that Christ instructed in Matthew 16. they seem to be comfortable appealing to the rebelliousness and pride that are so fundamental in the reason that we need a savior in the first place. i do not hear or see or hear of the taking up ones cross and death to self that Christ and the apostles said was needed.

  6. Seth Nov 6, 2009 12:37 pm


    Yes, your friend does have that right, everyone has that right. Hence the reason we are all sinners. If you tell an atheist that he needs Christ will he not reject the idea? That is his choice. Its called free will. So I guess my logic holds up.

    Also, yes, peryy has preached about taking up ones cross before. Being someone who goes I have heard it first hand.


    I find it funny about judging other churches, yet regularly, Newspring is also judged on this site. So that logic also applies to them that they can’t be judges by anyone but God for they may or may not do. correct?

  7. Corner Coffee Nov 6, 2009 2:13 pm

    My comments weren’t being judgmental at all. Seth stated his experience, you said it was a caricature, and I backed his statement up with my own experience where I’m from. The argument here isn’t whether Bible study and Sunday School is wrong, but whether or not there are many churches that ignore outreach. There are.

    So if 90% won’t, and the remaining 10% can’t, then whose left?

    I said the “vast majority” of the remaining 10% fail in their attempts.

    The remaining churches (less than 10 in my neck of the woods) are able to connect broadly in outreach to their community. They’re able to discern which outreach methods work, and which don’t. Incidentally (or not), these are the churches in the area that routinely have large quantities of people who not only make professions of faith, but participate in public baptism, and go on to become faithful and fruitful members of the church.

    *BTW, the 90% and 10% are rough estimates based on my experience. They are, by no means, a precise representation. With hundreds of churches in my county, it’s hard visit each one. But I have visited a LOT of them.

    These people you judge may or may not owe God an explanation in the end, but they certainly don’t owe you one.

    I’m not demanding an explanation from them. But if Noble says they DO exist, and I know that to be true as well, I don’t mind backing his statement up.

  8. keitho Nov 6, 2009 2:31 pm


    Are you referring to the church being judged on this site or the people who go to it? Not sure I want to speak for others, but my observation of this site is that its gameplan is pretty simple: PN et al says something (be it thoughtful, provacative, insightful, correct or outright ridiculous) in a public forum and its implications are discussed here. I don’t think any particular person or group has to be judged in this process. I certainly don’t judge you for your positions–in fact the way you are handling yourself admirably is evident in spite of the heat you sometimes take.

    My wife and I made a judgment call regarding NS and decided we could do better. This in spite of the fact that I know quite a few people who go there, both respected friends and close family. I still respect my friends and my family is still close. I don’t judge them because NS happens to be their thing. It’s not my thing and probably will never be. And this has absolutely nothing to do with the people who go there.

  9. keitho Nov 6, 2009 2:48 pm


    Now we are getting to my point as you said,

    “But if Noble says they DO exist, and I know that to be true as well, I don’t mind backing his statement up.”

    My concern is that Noble feels compelled to talk about people (most of which he doesn’t know or what they actually do or say) in other churches and this somehow is to significantly advance his vision for NS. PN can do God honoring ministry at NS and never have to mention what other people do or don’t do in other churches. It should not even have to be an issue. It concerns me that some NS members pick up on this and often wave the same banner.

  10. Corner Coffee Nov 6, 2009 10:18 pm

    PN can do God honoring ministry at NS and never have to mention what other people do or don’t do in other churches


    Noble feels compelled to talk about people in other churches … It concerns me that some NS members pick up on this and often wave the same banner.

    Also true. Although in my case I’m speaking out of personal experience, not parroting what a pastor says. But that doesn’t take away from your central point, which I tend to agree with.

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