Muddying the vision problem 2

Noble compounds his slippery personal revelation problem with this weekend tweet:

Being filled with vision doesn’t always mean that God is inspiring us…but rather that He’s disturbing us!

Two quick points.

  1. He acknowledges that vision does equal inspiration. Even though he assures us that it doesn’t “always” mean inspiration, the implication is that it is often inspiration. As we’ve discussed before, inspiration is a very special theological term, and, in most Protestant churches, it’s not a term that pastors apply to themselves.
  2. Such visions are infallible. Not only are they inspired, they can’t be wrong (an automatic quality of inspiration, anyway). If a pastor’s vision fails your Biblical test and disturbs you, it just proves that the vision is correct and you need to obey.

For a some background on the problem of senior pastors leading churches through their visions from God check these posts.

2 thoughts on “Muddying the vision problem

  1. christianman Nov 2, 2009 9:10 am

    just found your site and see that you have a lot of dislike for churches that have changed to the new age worship, preaching etc. And my question is to ask you in a polite way is if you dislike the pastor’s and churches so much why do you spend so much time following them? I mean you have to be listing to every sermon, following every tweet, and reading every blog for the site to exist.It’s Just really hard for me to believe that someone has that time to follow something they hate. Just asking. Thanks for your time.

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