Let’s have the Bloods and Crips lead our worship! 3

First we had an endorsement of premarital sex.

Then we had profanity directed at God’s house.

Now, NewSpring’s youth group maintains its momentum with murder and hate in a tirade seemingly plucked from the hymnal of the Bloods and the Crips.

Youth pastor, Brad Cooper, highlighted his band’s performance of a song whose lyrics are so violent I’d be ashamed for someone to find it on my iPod, let alone offer it in God’s house as worship.

Here’s a sampling of the lyrics:

[You] Don’t wanna step to me unless you plan on losin’

I’m here to battle, baby. I dance to kill.

Time to go all in.

Move to kill ’em all.

We dig them trenches so they be trippin’

Annihilation of the enemy. Wrath pours down when I move my feet.

Fall in all my new recruits. Now you’re in my troop.

They can scratch and claw, We ain’t backin’ off.

I have developed low expectations when it comes to NewSpring’s worship, though they keep surprising me and lowering the bar in new and creative ways.

(Note to commentators, before you huff and puff about taking the song out of context, you might want to defend BCoop’s boastful post, the point of which is to present his so-called “dirty” song out of context. Where does he show off the songs that actually worship God?)

I once criticized Cooper for describing his worship as BAMF.

Perhaps he was right.

3 thoughts on “Let’s have the Bloods and Crips lead our worship!

  1. Tommy F. Apr 28, 2009 8:03 am

    JDuncan: I’m going to try and defend NS on this point. Gasp!

    Perhaps the song is a rant, based on Revelation? I see some of these themes in the last book of the Bible. Maybe it’s a celebration of Hell. I think this defense might work.

    Never Mind. It’s about as viable an option as … Ocean Front Property in Arizona (GStrait).

    The odd thing is that the performance was not very good. If you’re going merge Highway to Hell (style-wise) with Dancing with the Stars (re-read the lyrics), then you might as well do it well. On this, they don’t fare very well.

    I think they were at a Rave one weekend, and some idiot thought: this would be soooo coool at church. I’m HUNGRY for some bamf music for our bamf building.

  2. Albert Apr 28, 2009 10:51 am

    Remember, the whole point of the music (especially the fuse music) is to heighten cheap emotions so they are ready to hear God’s word so incompletely preached to them.

    Mission accomplished, I believe…

  3. Pat Jun 16, 2009 1:55 am

    I like to look at things as objective as I can. Most say they do as well but really they have an outlook on something and voice it without voicing it. I m with you on the bamf and some other questionable choices, but on this I feel like its not trying to seek whats true but whats true for the fact you don’t care for newspring. This song is by family force 5, a christian rock band that does have very legitimate songs in the repertoire, not a secular song trying to be spiritualized. I didnt know that until I googled the lyrics. Im not a fan of the band, so when i looked at these lyrics impartially and then did some research to try and gain perspective. this song seems to be talking about the army of god going out to battle and a call to join in though dancing is used as a euphemism for actual war and battle. I dont think the song is very good by musical merits but I feel if your going to present yourself as fair and balanced and not just another person adding trash to the flames and not grabbing water, then you have to admit this song is not as vile and incendiary as your trying to portray it. And the ability to admit one is wrong a truly something to boast about.

    p.s. i dont really get the blood and crips reference and after reading a lot of your post you are quite bitter, and I would be the first to say with sometimes good merit, about all these pastors and churches and so on so forth. So though you may be speaking truth at times, the anger, resentment, and frankly hate that bleeds through becomes a gong to your voice. Take it from someone who knows your frustrations full well, until we focus more on setting the pace then tripping those are leading ,good or bad, we become those who use their voices not to speak and redeem rather whisper and rip. They need love too.

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