Noble ties himself to the mast 6

Besides the coordinated publicity blitz Noble set off yesterday, one of the most surprising aspects of their rejection of our deal was that Noble had given every indication that he was quite confident that the news about his staff would not come out. He seemed to go out of his way to embrace the cast of characters I described in my Holy Rage post. As you know, NewSpring’s attorney and I had met on Nov 17. Before that meeting, the attorney had shown Noble some of the Twitter content that he apparently had never seen before.

On November 24, he talked about holding staff accountable.

We will NEVER see staff members achieve their maximum potential if we don’t trust them…and if we don’t hold them accountable.

I can imagine that statements like that might have made quite a few leaders and staffers quite nervous if they thought there would be a story about their activities breaking any time soon.

Noble certainly knew that Duffey and Moorehead played starring roles in the story.

On Dec 3, the day before their big announcement, Moorehead celebrated a birthday, and Noble served as his cheerleader.

Hey tweets…huge favor…wish @jaysizzle, one of the best friends a guy could ever have, a happy birthday via twitter!

Duffey obliged.

One of my favorite people has a birthday today… Everyone wish @jaysizzle a holly jolly B-Day! Have a Happy Happy Day, Jason!

Do you recognize that language?

@mrmalph is one of my most favorite people… Got lots of rage & I like that!

Might Duffey have been counting on his favorite people not becoming so well known? Perhaps he really likes that phrase and uses it a lot, or perhaps he’s just really brave.

Duffey got some love for himself, when Noble seconded someone’s request that Duffey starts blogging more.

@MrJaceBreeback I will try my best…I wish @shaneduffey would begin posting again as well!!!

Trust 100.

Accountablity Nil.


One of the reasons that Maxwell and co. were serious threats was their obsession with mixed martial arts fighting and ultimate fighting. They appeared to be tough dudes who enjoyed their violent entertainment in regular and large doses.
After embracing Duffey and Moorehead, is there any way that Noble could embrace these guys?

You bet. Look at his current Twitter bio.

Wanna Be Ultimate Fighter!

Whatever else you say about Noble, you have to admire his confidence.

6 thoughts on “Noble ties himself to the mast

  1. JT Dec 6, 2009 12:03 am


    Again, I’m sorry for what you went through.

    But your attempts to tie the actions of one staff member and three volunteers to the leadership at NewSpring is a stretch. This post is just one example. How does Noble’s quote from November 24th at all indicate that, “He seemed to go out of his way to embrace the cast of characters I described in my Holy Rage post.”

    And how the heck do the tweeted birthday wishes implicate Noble? Am I missing something?

    If there really was any credible proof that they knew and/or encouraged illegal harassment by one of their employees aimed at you, wouldn’t this now be a matter of the law? It seems to me that they would have at least made a counter to your $3,000,000 proposal, if their lawyer thought you had any case at all. The “He subscribed to the other guy’s twitter account” argument doesn’t really hold water.

    Maybe you ought to revisit the idea of pursuing justice against the individuals who subjected you to this campaign of harassment. If anybody owes you a settlement, it’s those guys.

  2. Tommy F. Dec 6, 2009 12:44 pm

    Remove the blinders, JT. Put down the kool-aid. Have you paid attention, at all, to what JDuncan said about the adoption?

    He is the victim. Why don’t you go ask NS how they interpret the past few months. What did they do to stop any of it? They were told this summer something was happening.

  3. Rick Isom Dec 6, 2009 6:35 pm

    Mr.Duncan your family and my brothers and sisters in Christ. I from the depths of my soul apologize for the harassment you’ve been subject to. I just don’t see why you are suing NS. I would understand the adoption agency, the nurse, the hospital, the parties involved, but with today’s technology anyone can blog comment or hack from any where. If perry doesn’t want to meet with you why should he? The parties involved were fired.

  4. Paula Dec 6, 2009 10:26 pm

    Rick, have you read anything? Why sue? (if indeed he is suing?) because protecting himself against all these nutballs has cost a LOT OF MONEY.

    You’re right it’s a free country and Perry doesn’t have to meet with him. But the point is that a real Christian pastor would see this as an opportunity to MINISTER to James Duncan (if indeed Duncan was in the wrong as Perry insists) and heap coals of fire on his head through a loving act, taking the time to listen, and finding out just how badly he was hurt by his staff, who he agrees went too far and whom he has held ‘accountable’ by firing.

    What it looks like to me is that even with all the other stuff going on, which Noble had to be aware of, he was still openly engaging in mutual admiration with his criminally minded staff! At the very least it is a testimony to the fact that the church’s growth there is not healthy growth, but cancerous growth, and Perry Noble is not cut out to actually be a pastor, at least not of a group of people that size, if he cannot keep tabs on what is going on with them.

  5. Em Dec 7, 2009 1:15 am

    I think everyone just needs to cool their jets. No one is getting a full story from ANYONE. We don’t know all the details. There is no way to absolutely know all the details! You can’t say that everyone who attends Newspring is like these four (or however many) people! They are not all hypocrites! Blatant generalizations like that make you all sound like morons.I’m just saying. I am NOT saying that what was done by Dr. D was right, because it wasn’t, but I don’t think we can make assumptions. I think that people need to try to be objective, stop being biased, stop being stupid. CHILL.

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