Noble’s Defense of Multi-site Churches 39

After watching this clip, I didn’t know whether to laugh, cry, or just be angry. I think I’m starting to settle in on anger, and here’s why:

  1. He starts out by saying people have problems with multi-site churches because they played basketball for a team that didn’t keep score because everybody was a winner, and you think life should treat you fairly.  Not only is this one of the more ridiculous statements ever made, it insinuates that ministers who disagree with Perry are just afraid of the competition. That’s right, Noble’s response to a serious, pertinent issue facing the modern church is to insult the manhood of those asking the question.
  2. Next, he says that a pastor who criticizes the multi-site model is just an insecure pastor.  As we’ve seen far too often with this crowd, it isn’t possible to have a legitimate biblical concern with one of these guys. It is clear: If you disagree with Perry, you are wrong, and the only reason you could have for that disagreement comes from some flaw in your character.
  3. He says we have to stop competing with each other.  This is quite confusing, considering that his opening argument was that we aren’t competitive enough.
  4. He says when a Pastor walks out on stage and takes shots at other Pastors, he needs to repent before God. What a hypocrite! And I’m not talking about the fact that he does this every Sunday. He’s already done it twice in this two minute clip!
  5. Finally, and this is by far the most serious error in this ridiculous little clip, Perry claims  Acts 8:1 as the biblical backing for his multi-site model. One quick glance at that scripture shows that it says nothing about 21st century, video-driven, church campuses. In fact, the only argument that could possibly relate is by reading down to verse 4. It states that all the individuals who were scattered through the region preached the word wherever they went. This is much more indicative of individual church plants being sent out from one central place, than anything dealing with one Pastor preaching to multiple sites. Regardless, none of that is the point. If you read that passage of scripture, it is clearly about the execution of Steven and how God even used the persecution to advance His Kingdom. Perry Noble pays tremendous disrespect to the text by twisting it to claim God’s endorsement of Perry’s empire. I am not stating this as an opinion. Perry is dead-wrong in his treatment of this scripture. Now, there are only two possibilities: Either He’s an ignorant buffoon that is completely incapable of understanding such a simple passage, or he is purposefully twisting Scripture to accomplish his own agenda. I’ve seen him do this too many times now to believe that it was accidental.

Why is this such a big deal? 900 people were baptised at Newspring Sunday. With a shepherd who has no respect for God’s word, what is to come of all these new converts?


39 thoughts on “Noble’s Defense of Multi-site Churches

  1. scott Sep 18, 2009 4:15 pm

    This is at the latest unleash conference. I was there. i was playing in the band. He is talking to pastors. I will agree that his scripture isn’t the best. And i truly believe he will be held accountable for any amount of adding and subtracting he does to that scripture. however, he is speaking directly to the creator of this page.
    to the original author: are you trying to bring godly, loving, paul-like correction so perry can more effectively preach the gospel? or are you trying to put down and distroy reputaion for your own gain and enjoyment. if you truly were concerned and wanted to see this “false teaching” corrected, have you gone to him? have you sent him an email? he answers inquires and he admits to his faults and shortcoming. you are even worse and will be held even more accountable for your divisiveness than perry will be for trying to reach the lost.

  2. James Downing Sep 18, 2009 4:25 pm

    Thanks for the comment Scott – So you agree that he twisted he twisted Scripture here? And that’s not a big deal to you. Ok, it is to me.

    To answer your question – my sincere desire is that Perry would repent of all his foolishness and lead these thousands of impressionable souls into a stronger relationship with the Lord.

    As far as going to him – long story, but it is posted elsewhere on this blog. Short: He doesn’t talk to us. B – Where does the assumption come from the PUBLIC teaching requires PRIVATE rebuke? While Perry is the one in error here, his listeners risk error if they follow what he is saying. It is my duty as a believer to call out false teaching.

    Lastly, did God himself tell you that I will be held more accountable than Perry? Where did you get that?

  3. Paul Sep 18, 2009 4:43 pm


    the way your are describing how we should respond to perry is exactly how false teaching survives. John Mcarthur is very helpful here (and i’m paraphrasing). Those who twist the Bible often use the terms of unity, patience, private rebuke, mystery, etc. in maters of theology. The fact of the matter is that if false teaching can only survive in these type of atmospheres. Paul is greatly gentle with the sheep in his teaching, but has no patience for false teachers. he understood what was at stake. That’s why in Galatians he wishes the false teachers would castrate themselves. pretty strong language. Noble’s problem is not only is he twisting scripture, and teaching false things, he is often proud and arrogant about it when called out. i don’t wish he would mutilate himself, but i do wish and pray that he repents.

  4. James Duncan Sep 18, 2009 7:56 pm


    Paul and Downing have given you a good response, but I’d add one more thing. It’s not just Perry who’s responsible for what he does with the Bible; you are too, especially when you know he’s corrupting it.

    You’re willing to let Perry have an awkward moment before God, but how do you think that absolves you?

    Have you talked to Perry about this kind of stuff?

  5. Tommy F Sep 18, 2009 8:21 pm


    This blog seems to parallel Jude’s concern. Jude’s concern is for the followers and listeners of the teachers who are guilty of ethical and doctrinal error. His audience seems to be only those who may come across or are directly under the teachings of such teachers, rather than the teachers themselves. It’s been well-documented here that PNoble has many layers of people in place on purpose to prevent such conversations from taking place.

    In many ways the audience for this blog is for those who listen to PNoble, SFurtick, BCoop, etc.

  6. chadwick Sep 23, 2009 4:48 pm

    Noble quoted Acts 8 as his proof text for “multi-site” churches:

    “Therefore they that were scattered abroad went every where preaching the word.”

    The text said THEY [Apostles] (PLURAL) . . . not just Pastor Peter went everywhere preaching.

    It seems that Noble is the “insecure one.” If he were to be BIBLICAL, he would send OTHER MEN (PLURAL)to preach in those “multi-site” churches. Oh, wait a minute . . . if Noble did that, he could not take the credit.

  7. Tommy F Sep 23, 2009 6:08 pm


    Right. No one has shown up to defend Noble & NS from my post (9/16, above). It’s as if he’s reading his own special Bible with his own special interpretation.

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