NYT wipes the smile from its face

An interesting report on how the NY Times changed its Iraq election headlines–for the same story–from happy to sad. Hat tip: NRO Share this:More

It’s the new media’s fault

In his Meet the Press interview John Kerry blames the new media for messing up his campaign. I mean, obviously I could have and should have responded faster and more forcefully, I think, to that.  But lies and smears were proven in the front pages of The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Wall ...

Even in Iran

The Iranian news agency is reporting the success of the Iraqi elections. He said the Iraqi nation will prove through their participation in this election that freedom, democracy and a popular government will prevail notwithstanding earlier threats to derail the election. I suppose some things are just so obvious that they can’t be hidden by ...

This is precious

An early blooper on CNN reinforces what we already know about them: At 8 am, Jane Arraf reports a “nightmare” situation at school polling station in Baquba, Sunni area. No Iraqi election commission workers had shown up. But, at 9:15, viewers learn Arraf had just shown up at the wrong school, which was not a ...

Different standards of coverage

Jonah Goldberg sees a big difference in how different wings of the media are covering the Iraq elections. So far, I think the coverage has been moderately scandalous. This morning CNN kept its regularly scheduled medical show (though last night they were better, if mostly pre-taped). The major nets seemed to treat this like a ...

A blog on the move

Here’s an example of a local blog that’s gaining national attention for its detailed coverage, coupled with original investigative reporting, of the botched Washington State election. Share this:More

Lefty MSM ex-tycoon loses his mind

Look at Ted Turner’s nuanced view of the new media. Ted Turner called Fox propaganda tool of the Bush administration and indirectly compared the Fox News Network’s popularity to Adolph Hitler’s popular election to run Germany before WWII. Share this:More

Google on the phone

Google’s planning to enter the Internet phone business using excess fiber optic capacity. Share this:More

A blog entry posing as MSM reporting

How does this report, written in the partisan style of the new media, survive as a straight-news AP story? An important part of President Bush’s second-term plans went slightly off the rails during an inauguration week that ran pretty much on time. [snip] The delay probably says something about Rice’s sometimes indignant responses to tough ...

Signs of a gravitational shift in TV news

TV Guide is reporting that NBC is ready to extent Katie Couric’s salary to keep her safe from CBS efforts to move her to the evening news. Note this explanation of why Couric would be wasted on the evening news. Nobody’s watching anyway. Serious news has been dying a slow on network TV. This move ...