Some things ARE impossible for Perry Noble 1

Especially when it comes to butt paste, even though the word impossible isn’t in his special dictionary.

I have been fascinated with … a tube of this stuff called buttpaste. NO–I am not making this up!I had this thought…maybe if pastors all across America would distribute buttpaste to their disgruntled church members–things would go a lot smoother. 🙂 So pastors–buy a bunch of buttpaste and have it on hand…

For the person who claims that you must teach reformed doctrine–explain to them as you are giving them their buttpaste that they were predestined to receive it; after all, not all people can receive buttpaste. …

For the negative e-mailers and bloggers–don’t worry about giving them buttpaste–all they ever do is sit on their butt…so application would be impossible!

It’s so comforting to think that he’s giving advice to pastors on how to run a church. This is the new reformation?

One comment on “Some things ARE impossible for Perry Noble

  1. Micah May 13, 2009 12:55 am

    Hi, I’m here to offend people… but only and always to make a point…

    the lesson behind this vulgarity is… oh wait, dang it! there’s nothing I can eisegete around this… oh well, forget scripture, try buttpaste!

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