Baptists’ message to NewSpring: You’re not one of us

Baptists' message to NewSpring: You're not one of us
The South Carolina Baptist Convention has told Perry Noble and NewSpring that they must correct serious errors in their church before they can once again associate with the Convention. In a bold and praiseworthy statement, the president of the SCBC, Tommy Kelly, turned what has been general public criticism of NewSpring into official church discipline, though the public rebuke went much ...

Twitterable Chesterton

It is always simple to fall; there are an infinity of angles at which one falls, only one at which one stands. In my vision the heavenly chariot flies thundering through the ages, the dull heresies sprawling and prostrate, the wild truth reeling but erect. I love G.K.

I like to sweat the small stuff, so that would make me a prepostdenominationalist

A few weeks ago I was talking to a friend from NewSpring church and telling him a bit of my spiritual story, which included a brief history of the various denominations that I have called home during my life so far. I was born Baptist, grew up Pentecostal, split the difference and went back to ...