Interview with Janet Mefferd on the Commandments sermon and N-word issue

A conversation with Janet Mefferd, primarily focused on why Noble’s Commandments sermon is so important. You have broken all the commandments, but the good news is that Jesus kept them.

Is censorious Salem now an anti-censorship champion?

Is censorious Salem now an anti-censorship champion?
In a fun piece of corporate hypocrisy irony, Salem Communications announced this week that it had acquired Michelle Malkin’s, a Twitter aggregation site. Twitchy has built a large and loyal audience by reposting tweets that celebrities and politicians would prefer to remain hidden. Its specialty is retrieving deleted tweets, and even has an award [link ...

How we went from “Here I Stand” to “My Bad”

How we went from
Almost 500 years ago, Martin Luther stood before his disputed writings and refused to renounce them. Last week, Janet Mefferd, shortly after her writings had been criticized, apologized and deleted them. Both had pointed out and criticized corruption in leading religious authorities. Both had truth on their side, yet their responses are worlds apart. How ...

On Driscoll, it’s a straight red

On Driscoll, it's a straight red
Many others have been covering the Mark Driscoll plagiarism story well, though I have a few observations that come from my experience as a college professor where I sometimes deal with this, and where, unlike with Mr. Driscoll so far, people actually suffer consequences for what they do. The paraphrasing of other people’s ideas and ...