Fisking Christian Today’s defense of Perry Noble

Fisking Christian Today's defense of Perry Noble
Fisking: a point-by-point criticism that highlights perceived errors, or disputes the analysis in a statement, article, or essay. Two days ago, the Christian Today website published an opinion piece from its reporter, Mark Woods, who, the day before, had published a news story to its website about the Ten Commandments sermon and the SC Baptist Convention’s response ...

An NFL quarterback and the SCBC president rebuke NewSpring. The story of what happened next.

An NFL quarterback and the SCBC president rebuke NewSpring. The story of what happened next.
NewSpring faced two public relations crises last week, and its response to each tells us much about the church’s lack of accountability and unwillingness to submit to correction. On Friday morning, the South Carolina Baptist Convention published a strong and detailed rebuke of the NewSpring’s pastor, worship style and governance. The statement by the SCBC president, Pastor Tommy ...

Baptists’ message to NewSpring: You’re not one of us

Baptists' message to NewSpring: You're not one of us
The South Carolina Baptist Convention has told Perry Noble and NewSpring that they must correct serious errors in their church before they can once again associate with the Convention. In a bold and praiseworthy statement, the president of the SCBC, Tommy Kelly, turned what has been general public criticism of NewSpring into official church discipline, though the public rebuke went much ...

An analysis of Noble’s unrepentant apology

An analysis of Noble's unrepentant apology
Perry Noble and I agree on something important: his Christmas Eve sermon was no accident. Late last week, Noble published a letter to his church that looked like he was apologizing for the sermon, though a careful reading shows that the apology was very limited, and the important theological problems created by the sermon were not only retained, but embraced. As ...

Noble’s apology and a brief pause

Noble's apology and a brief pause
This afternoon Perry Noble published an apology for his Christmas Eve sermon and for a Twitter insult he directed at critics of that sermon. The apology is welcome, as are the signs that he’s sensitive to getting the issue right. As it stands now, however, there are significant flaws in the position that Noble appears to hold, ...

Interview with Janet Mefferd on the Commandments sermon and N-word issue

A conversation with Janet Mefferd, primarily focused on why Noble’s Commandments sermon is so important. You have broken all the commandments, but the good news is that Jesus kept them.

Radio interview about Noble’s Commandments sermon

A 60-minute interview about the Perry Noble Ten Commandments sermon with Pastor Kevin Boling on the the Knowing the Truth Program. Everything your pastor says has to be defended by Scripture, and if it’s not, you should lovingly confront your pastor. Scripture is really what matters and we don’t have the right, nor should we have the ...

Noble departs Christian orthodoxy, announces he’s staying put

Noble departs Christian orthodoxy, announces he's staying put
Perry Noble took the unprecedented step of directly addressing criticism from the pulpit Sunday morning in response to Rosebrough’s and my critique of his Christmas Eve claim that God told him to preach that the Ten Commandments aren’t commandments. After having a week and a half to reconsider his error, Noble dug in his heels and reaffirmed ...

Noble rescinds the Ten Commandments for 2015

Noble rescinds the Ten Commandments for 2015
(1/2/2015: Updated with NewSpring’s response. See at the end of the post.) On Christmas Eve, Perry Noble gifted the world a rewritten Ten Commandments. In so doing, he contradicted Scripture, celebrated his ignorance of the Bible, and ultimately rejected the gospel. NewSpring had repeated its Christmas service during the week before Christmas day, yet before the ...

‘God Blogger’ interview with Drew Marshall in Toronto

15-minute radio interview with Drew Marshall in Toronto, Canada, where we briefly review the NewSpring harassment, Driscoll publishing, Furtick baptisms, and Liberty University stories.