What happened to Tommy’s tweets?

You may have noticed that Tommy abruptly gave up his Twitter treatment this week. He’s not the only one. According to this article, cool cyberkids are giving up social networking because there are too many grownups using the sites. Then there’s the Marines, who have banned Twittering for at least the next 12 months, effective ...

Tommy F leads worship

Tommy is thrilled to be in church.

All you ever needed to know about Twitter

All you ever needed to know about Twitter
Tommy just hit 500 followers.

Quotable TFred

This was too good to just let slide off the sidebar: Communication without ingratiation equals frustration. Definitely a Five StarBurst quote.

Unfair and Unbalanced

Look who just got a Twitter account.

Tommy reconstructs his censored comments

Tommy F emailed the following report on what happened at the Brad Cooper blog last week. From what I recall from reading the original discussion, his report here is substantively correct. The gist of my various posts are below (3 were deleted from BCoop’s site). I have not made any attempt to make them either ...

Another thought on comment vaporization

A few posts last week referenced BCoop’s deletion of Tommy and Twit’s comments, and I wanted to return to the topic briefly to explain why the incident warranted the attention I gave it. Simply, blog moderators shouldn’t delete comments without a good reason, which would include comments that are off topic, libel, spam, and adĀ hominemĀ attacks. ...

BCooP tweets @TommyF

Lot’s of LIPS TALK, few LIVES EARN THE EQUITY to be HEARD. If people are non-responsive to us, perhaps we should examine our lives… Tommy, you obviously need a lot of examination. UPDATE: Tommy, now he has a question for you. Question: Where are you hiding?

Not to pile on…

…but one would have thought this wasn’t the best day for Cooper to be posting questions like this: To pursue excellence, the only way to REALLY know our strengths and weaknesses is to ASK others…. Who you asking?

Give me “authentic” advice, but make sure I agree with it first

Give me
Over on another outlet, Brad Cooper asked readers for advice for people going into the ministry. Our friend, Tommy, suggested in his usual diplomatic way that seminary might be a good idea. A spirited discussion ensued and lasted on the site for about a day and a half. Tonight, it’s been sucked down the memory ...