Twitterable wisdom

Twitterable wisdom
This gem from a Downing comment: There is nothing MORE churchy than having a Jesus sticker on your car and thinking that makes a difference. Anyone want to RT that? There is a serious point here, actually. Think about the two men on the road to Emmaus. They were looking right at Jesus and didn’t ...

Impressive flexibility

A Sunday Noble tweet: For far too long the church gathering on Sunday has been a pathetic farce. Nine hours later: When our “ministry” is to tear others down we make hell so proud. Admirable intellectual flexibility.

Dangerous flirtations with heresy

This retweet from Brad Cooper is giving me heartburn tonight: Acknowledging the historical fact of His resurrection doesn’t save u (James2:9). Being changed by His resurrection does (Rom6) I think more highly of BCoop than some of you might suppose, so seeing him entertain this kind of idea stuns me. The cancer in the modern ...

What happened to Tommy’s tweets?

You may have noticed that Tommy abruptly gave up his Twitter treatment this week. He’s not the only one. According to this article, cool cyberkids are giving up social networking because there are too many grownups using the sites. Then there’s the Marines, who have banned Twittering for at least the next 12 months, effective ...

Twitter confusion

Perry Noble tweeted this today: Someone doesn’t like you…is it those who didn’t like Jesus OR those who loved Him but were rejected by the religious system of the day? Honestly, I have no idea what that means. Can someone with a secret decoder ring help us out in the comments section? I’ve lost mine.

A study in contrasts

Piper tweets this: If someone offers you pleasure for 10,000 years, say, “No thanks…at HIS right hand are pleasures for EVERMORE” (Ps 16:11) Perry tweets this: Got a new T-shirt in support of breast cancer research that says, “Save a life, grope your wife.” Thinking about wearing it…should I? (BTW, PN, the answer is no.)

Upon this rock

Noble’s Twitter: WHAT IF this past 2,000 years of the church was merely the foundation to set up what God REALLY wants to do? That thought pumps me up! Matthew Perry 16:18: And I tell you that you are Perry,¬†and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of Hades will not ...

Watch those line breaks

That 140-character limit on Twitter can come at bad moments. Like the one that caused this: …Jesus will become less effective!!! Who are you focusing on? Oops. (Yes, it’s out of context. That’s the point.)

It’s all about me, except when it’s all about you

In comments to another post, Sophie passes along a useful set of insights from Josh Harris, via JPiper, on why sermons aren’t always best Twittered. It got me thinking about a listen/speaking tension that sermon Twittering creates. It’s all about me. The act of Tweeting assumes that there are people who care about what you ...

Hey world, I need to go to the bathroom!

My family and I regularly enjoy watching America’s Funniest Home Videos, and over time we’ve come to recognize certain genres of clips that routinely make it into the show. One such genre is the toddler or young school kid who, often in the middle of some public performance, stops everything and announces in a loud ...