Yes, you can call me a hypocrite (just for today)

So I just registered a new Twitter account: auechoes. Go ahead. Laugh. It was Underwood’s fault.

Martin Luther must have been an absolute basket case

This morning’s Twisdom: When we focus on what is wrong with other churches and leaders it is usually so we won’t have to deal with what is wrong with our own lives! Paul too.

If only Paul had used Twitter

Perry reports this Twitful thought from California this afternoon. Had this thought…how freakin amazing would the Apostle Paul have been had he had access to the internet? Riiight. Who would have guessed that Paul really isn’t effing amazing enough for Perry Noble? What was God doing letting Paul set down Christian doctrine on parchment when ...

Speaking of bad Twitter sermons

This, from this morning. if we dont fight lust, we go to Hell. You’re right, Tommy and Twit. Twitter does make Christian Christ-follower doctrine so much easier to understand.

Why God called pastors to preach, not to Twitter

Twitter is a fine tool for diaries, but it’s not designed for preaching. Check this little sermon, which quotes Oswald Chambers (of My Utmost fame). id you become a necessity to someone elses life, you are out of God’s will. -chambers You can’t just leave a statement hanging like that because it’s so obviously incorrect. ...

Twittering the news

In this article about search trends, John Borthwick describe the way that Twitter searches can create a real-time text-based news feed. Rather than waiting hours for a single reporter to research and write a story, these feeds gather the observations of multiple witnesses. A few weeks later I was on a call with Dave Winer and ...