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I was made aware this afternoon that there exists a court order governing the disclosure of much of the testimony and documents in the NewSpring case. I have subsequently removed several posts and edited two others in order to comply with that order. If you reblogged or reposted any of the information that I removed you will need to remove that information from your site immediately.

Although I had communicated my intentions to begin posting about the details of the case with NewSpring’s lawyers last month, we miscommunicated, and I sincerely apologize for my error.

NewSpring and its pastors have not attempted to censor or silence the blog in any inappropriate manner, and their communication with my attorney this afternoon was satisfying to all sides. They have not acted improperly or unfairly in reminding me of my legal obligations.

After a quick reboot as I re-filter what I can say and how, I’ll be back.

6 thoughts on “Temporary service disruption

  1. Confused Jan 8, 2013 6:11 pm

    Glad I found your site before it had to be edited! Very eye opening to read the pastor would go along with this type behavior and not meet with you etc….. I have attended Newsping without fail since March of 2012 and it has really been a blessing to Me as well as my entire family! We had been out of church for a couple of years and my walk with Jesus had become very Cold or non existent ! Newspring changed that through really engaging sermons etc . My family really enjoyed it and still do, but coming from a traditional church background I was a little skeptical about how worldly this church is with some of its music , pastors statements etc.
    I have really been praying the past couple of weeks about whether this is right church home for my family and found this site by chance.
    Again not bashing Perry but some things that have bothered me:
    1. The joking about other denominations such as Presbyterian and Baptist frequently!
    2. Poking fun at traditional church dress! I agree that it shouldn’t matter how you dress but do we really need to hear him explain why he has 250 $ jeans
    3. Constant reference to money and tithing just seems a unsettling to me- I tithe my ten percent but feel like he tries to guilt a tithe out attenders.
    4. The comedy act bothers me at times also ! If I hear the burrito and parting the hair story one more time I may scream!
    5. Is he really wanting to save souls and reach a 100,000 for Jesus or for himself ?
    Or does he just want to be the biggest in SC and keep op with other mega church pastors
    6. Why is his church members/owners not worthy enough to know his salary if it is paid by tithes and offerings?

    Again not bashing just a few of questions that keep popping in my head! I will be there this Sunday and sure I will get a lot from his message- they are always very good and relevant.
    Just feel like at times I have drank the koolaid!

  2. Sara Jan 8, 2013 8:24 pm


    So, you’re going to continue drinking the Kool-Aid?

  3. jodi Jan 8, 2013 9:54 pm

    i think both parties are at fault. If you read the comments above, they are biased. Rememer there are always 3 sides to every story. yours, theirs, and the truth. new spring is a great church and has helped many people with their walk with Christ. on the other hand, their are PEOPLE in the church! Yes PEOPLE that are born sinners that are not perfect and yes, they do make some bad decisions. They may not lead a church to everyones liking, however, it defintely brings the lost back to Christ. Maybe they need help with once they lead the lost to Christ, to continue thier walk. Everyone and every church still needs to strive to follow the word of GOD. Sometimes they stray away but still think they are on the correct path, later to find their way back. Dont be a condemer, be a believer.

  4. p mere Jan 9, 2013 2:25 am

    As a former student of Dr. Duncan, I will say this: It is not easy to trip him up. He’s smart, very very intelligent. So it’s no surprise to me that he proved his case in court and I am very happy to hear he’s settled this mess with New Spring. I’ve shared his story with numerous people, including NewSpringers who have invited me to services, and I don’t mean to share it to necessarily scare them away from Perry Noble or NewSpring as a whole. I tell them in light that this entire situation with Duncan and NewSpring shows how much we all need a Savior. The church isn’t for perfect people, but that is no excuse for the behavior NewSpring representatives have shown. Dr. Duncan’s situation is only one of many I’ve heard of (probably the most escalated, but nonetheless he is not the only one whom they’ve discriminated against).

    If anyone is looking for a good church to try I highly recommend Refuge Baptist Church in Central. It is much much smaller but Chad Campbell is a very gifted pastor. Very very powerful messages, I RARELY leave with dry eyes.

  5. David Strickland Jan 9, 2013 9:56 am

    It appears to me that there are no longer three sides to this story. I mean, this guy has signed confessions, court documents that show everything he said three years ago is true and a settlement in his favor. If there is any one thing that you can show us to cast doubt on anything James Duncan has said, please do so. This isn’t opinion or just one side of the story anymore. It’s a proven fact.

  6. Sara Jan 9, 2013 11:16 am


    I understand your quest for the truth in this matter; however, I think you are overlooking the obvious. As Strickland wrote, Duncan has signed confessions and a legal settlement in his favor. Also – Newspring isn’t talking, which, to me, indicates the truth is something they don’t want the masses to know. Actually, if you read the above post, you will see that Newspring is so uncomfortable with the truth that they chose to censor it.

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