Two reformers, two visions of humility

Reformer one:

Since I am a man and not God, I cannot provide my writings with any other defense than that which my Lord Jesus Christ provided for His teaching. When He had been interrogated concerning His teaching before Annas and had received a buffet from a servant, He said: “If I have spoken evil, bear witness of the evil.” If the Lord Himself, who knew that He could not err, did not refuse to listen to witness against His teaching, even from a worthless slave, how much more ought I, scum that I am, capable of naught but error, to seek and to wait for any who may wish to bear witness against my teaching.

Reformer two:

Humility is being willing to let those who hate you say whatever they want…and not coming down off the wall to try to defend what you are doing because you are confident the Lord has spoken to you.