What is Furtick’s view of inspiration? 1

I can’t imagine that he thinks very much of it, based on earlier tweets suggesting God should apologize for Leviticus. Now he’s suggesting that the prophets were depressed and emotionally unstable.

Finishing Ezekiel-wondering how the OT might have been different if the prophets had access to Lexapro 🙂

Yeah, yeah, the emoticon at the end says he’s just joking, but why? How do you, if you are a Christian pastor, mock the intentions and intelligence of the Holy Spirit? There’s nothing funny here.

Does he think the prophets were too over the top? Was God just exaggerating his warnings when he used the prophets? If they took Lexapro, would Furtick have less to read because Ezekiel just wouldn’t be there? Is that it?

Furtick is supposed to be leading his church in a rapid Bible read through. It would be helpful if he could stop denigrating the Bible as he does so.

Would it be possible, though?

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  1. Paul Oct 7, 2009 1:54 pm

    no. not possible. it’s because he is not a pastor. he’s a CEO. pastors rely solely on the word of God, or should anyway. CEO’s rely on themselves and the people around them.

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