What makes critics tick? 6

Perry Noble has revived an old post about why people criticize him. It’s an interesting list, but one that–to our great distress–totally nails PP.

  1. Because you have an opinion about something. Actually, his point is that critics don’t have opinions on anything other than Noble.

    Please understand this…most people do not have the guts to share their core convictions about what they believe. That is one of the things that bothers me the most about the “Christian” watchdog sites, they never spend any time developing their own ideas–nope–all they do is spend all of their time attacking others.

    Please don’t look around what’s posted on PP, especially this past week. We have NO thoughts of our own.

  2. Because people are insecure. This is why we keep our comments section closed, so that we can never hear or respond to arguments from people who might think we’re wrong.
  3. Because there’s no accountability. This section, where he complains about anonymous critics, features a bonus Rob Bell quote.

    I have seen people say things on websites and send things through fake e-mail addresses that they would never say to my face–ever. I once heard Rob Bell say, “The internet is a place for cowards,” and I have discovered that to be true.

    This is why I steadfastly refuse to put my name on anything I write here.

    Actually, after Noble’s confessing his temptation to respond violently against critics and his intriguing account of a staffer crossing the line against a critic of his, perhaps anonymous criticism is the safer course.

    He continues:

    It is VERY easy to lob accusations and point out problems when you are sitting in your underwear in your mothers basement behind a computer screen.

    And I thought dress codes didn’t matter. Anyway, we prefer pajamas.

  4. Because of a superiority complex. OK, he’s got us on that one. We think that Scripture is superior to pastors’ visions.

6 thoughts on “What makes critics tick?

  1. James Downing Oct 23, 2009 3:51 pm

    I’m the semi-anonymous one around here. And yes, I had threats made about my kids a year ago because of differing doctrinal convictions. That’s when i decided to become a coward.

    I’ve never seen someone so obsessed with what people think of him as Perry is.

  2. JT Oct 23, 2009 4:38 pm

    The best thing Noble wrote in that post was at the end.

    He wrote about why he refuses to listen to his critics. It’s a good reminder for all those here at Pajama Pages who complain that he won’t respond to them:

    “The Bible says that Proverbs 27:6 that wounds from a friend CAN BE TRUSTED! So who do I listen to? Those who know and love me…and those I respect and admire. But when some random person who has a blog that 17 of his buddies read decides to tell me that I am a stupid moron who is going to hell…uh…for some reason I just do not feel compelled to listen to him. He is not a friend and therefore cannot be trusted.”

    And yes, I know there are more than 17 readers of this blog and you’ve never said he was going to hell. Noble’s post was pre-Pajama Pages.

  3. James Downing Oct 23, 2009 4:44 pm

    I agree, and have said not all crtiticism is valid. Just takes a little discernment. I will say though, Perry wants thousands of people whom he does not to to listen to what he says and take it seriously…so i guess it kinda cuts both ways. He takes a shot at the internet, but owes a great deal of his fame to the internet.

  4. James Duncan Oct 24, 2009 12:15 pm

    JT, two things. I assume you’re not referring to Downing or me as the ones complaining about PN not responding to PP. We don’t (except to call him out whenever he demands face-to-face criticism), though after seeing how he responded to the young woman at Chick Fil A, I’m not sure I want him responding to me.

    Second, I don’t think he should listen to all criticism, but he cannot keep complaining about it without engaging it. He presents himself as a radical and constantly criticizes traditional Christianity. When he attracts the criticism that those words and actions warrant, he complains that he’s being criticized and says that the critics are not Christians.

    He’ll tell you that the critics are wrong and are going to hell, but he’ll never tell you why they’re wrong.

    He talks a big game, but there’s no there there.

  5. Sylvia Oct 24, 2009 3:19 pm

    Is Mr Noble unwilling to even entertain the possibility that any of his critics ever act out of, even misguided, desire to see God’s Word divided rightly and His reputation defended? Is there not a chance that even some of his critics are possibly old ladies who are hard of hearing who misheard him on something and genuinely felt the need to speak out against the alleged bad doctrine that they though they had heard? Is there never any good reason to publicly refute bad teaching at all ever, or is it Just Perry Noble’s teaching that can never be rightly criticized?

  6. keitho Oct 26, 2009 1:18 pm


    You said,

    “And yes, I know there are more than 17 readers of this blog and you’ve never said he was going to hell. Noble’s post was pre-Pajama Pages.” If you knew that then why did you say it in your paragraph before?

    I have tried NS and decided to go elsewhere. The most relevant reason for me is that PN could not stop himself from criticising other Christians and churches from the stage. It is very disappointing because NS could be much more effective and never have to publicly criticize any group (or sterotyped, unnamed, religious, “steeple people” person) ever again in order to be so. The people I know who go there generally are not that way. This may be because their parents and grandparents go to churches with steeples and they were generally taught to be careful in their criticisms towards others. I think these people deserve better than they get from their pastor sometimes, at least based on what I personally heard when attending there.

    Also, the source of criticism does not necessarily make it invalid criticism. Sometimes candid discussion from someone with no stake your situation could be helpful. What is at issue is whether you trust the criticism or not.

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