What’s next for Gary Lamb? 32

A few more thoughts on the Gary Lamb story.

  1. Elena Stoeckig is being trashed. I don’t know her story, but she’s not getting a fair deal here. Lamb didn’t apologize to her. Noble didn’t either. The official Revolution staff statement ignores her completely as well. She was a paid staff member who lost her job and perhaps her marriage because of the actions of their pastor. One would have thought that Christian decency at least owes her an apology. Instead, she is being trashed. Witness this reaction to her from someone who knew Elena and appears to be involved in the Revolution church:

    Wow! Hope you are proud of yourself you manipulative, psysco! Karma is a bitch, better prepare!

    In Lamb’s one-sided apology, he said he is 100 percent responsible. I don’t buy it. By refusing to apologize to Elena, the subtext is that she was the aggressor and he was the victim. Until I see that apology, Lamb’s statements about taking responsibility are just formulaic and hollow. He’s saying what he needs to say to save his career.

  2. Elena has disappeared, but Gary remains. Elena Stoeckig’s blog has disappeared. Her twitter account has vanished. Ditto for her husband. Gary Lamb, however, is still as big and bold online as ever. Lamb and his people are circling the wagons around Gary, but leaving Elena in the cold. As Ron Burgundy said, “I don’t know how to put this, but I’m kind of a big deal.”
  3. The sin will be excused. If we’ve learned anything about what matters in these churches, it is that it’s all about bringing people to Jesus. Lamb’s supporters will soon discover that his replacements won’t be as effective at it as Lamb was, so the longer they keep him away, the more that they’ll be complicit in populating hell. It’s the same thinking behind a recent comment on another post on this blog.

    Each week people are meeting Christ and even if it’s just one person, that is one person that won’t go to Hell. Yes, there are things that happen that I may not agree with but I don’t know anything in life that I completely agree with, 100% of the time. As I have said to others, who are we to cast the first stone? I know I’m not perfect.

  4. Lamb will be back in the pulpit, probably at Revolution, within six months. As much as his church is supposedly not about the man, they are about to find out how much it probably was. The rhetorical style of preaching is built on passionate outrage, so they’ll have trouble finding someone who can match Lamb. My guess is that they’ll pipe Noble in and make Revolution at least a temporary NewSpring video franchise.
  5. No other pastors will reassign their personal assistants. Where did this job title come from anyway? Hollywood? Affairs with secretaries are a staple of business life, but at least there’s some official separation between the boss and a secretary or administrative assistant; both are working for the same entity. Labeling someone a personal assistant changes the relationship and makes the person the vassal of the boss, someone who works primarily for the man rather than for the organization. Administrative assistants are people who help the boss do his job; personal assistants are more likely to be seen as someone to be used by the boss for whatever he wants. Note how Lamb just thought Elena was his for the taking. That thinking coincided almost exactly with the beginning of the affair. Perhaps it’s time for these show-time pastors to rethink that relationship.

32 thoughts on “What’s next for Gary Lamb?

  1. Craig Carpenter Jun 12, 2009 11:15 pm

    You had it right with the 2nd sentence of your blog: “I don’t know her story.”

    You should have kept it right there, because you proceeded to cast a lot of judgements for someone that “doesn’t know.”

    The families are the only “victims” here. The two parties involved in this sin are both equally responsible and should repent! And, I pray they do.

  2. Sara Crocker Jun 13, 2009 10:08 am


    You said:
    No offense, but PN has many more things to do with his time than run a blog like this…I completely agree with you there Duncan!!!

    Actually, if you read his twitter, not only does he read this blog (and then pretend he doesn’t), it’s pretty obvious that he responds to it.

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